we have a kitchen…

…well, we have a kitchen in boxes. At least it is a start! We woke up early on the first day of the new year and headed to IKEA hoping to beat the rush. It turned out to be a great move because the place was deserted and we were helped immediately. We finalized our plans with the help of a great employee and placed our order. Luckily, everything was in stock so after sorting through the self-service area I went to pick up part of our order while the hubby packed up the car. We underestimated how many boxes are needed to build an 8×10 kitchen. Our little CRV was backed to the gills and there was no room for a quarter of the boxes and me. I was abandoned at IKEA until my brother-in-law came to my rescue while the hubby was driving home and unloading the kitchen. 

The staff was nice enough to hold the part of our order that didn’t fit in the car while I walked around. Smart on their part since I just walked around and spent more money. I picked up some storage boxes and a magazine rack for my office/craft room, a sheet set for our guest room and a couple of these stuffed animals for the dogs:

Yes, that is a rat. We call the dogs “rats of unusual size” (“Princess Bride”, anyone?) all the time so it was fitting. I found a few more things I want to get, including a mirror for our hallway, some candle holders and a bed frame for our guest bed, so I’ll probably head back that way next weekend. It is good thing IKEA is a drive from our place or I would spend way too much time and way too much $$$ there.

Here is the general idea of what the kitchen will look like. Our appliances are stainless steel and the countertops will be a dark gray quartz.

Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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