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So if you noticed my posts the past few weeks have been pretty erratic in terms of content and there wasn’t a whole lot of Christmas decorating going on besides my tree and centerpieces. You also might have picked up on a sense of urgency to finish a ton of pending projects. Not as festive as you would think I would be, right? I’ve had a very good reason. We’ve been scrambling to finish up some of the to list while working on a special surprise baby shower for a dear friend. We were jammed with the house projects and all the DIY baby shower decorations I made.

Now that the party went off without a hitch, I have all the eye candy to share. I’ll be posting tutorials and also covering all the actual house projects we did now that everything has calmed down. We hosted the shower on the 26th…yes, the day after Christmas. It was a tad hectic but I love her and this is such a great blessing that I would do it again in a heartbeat. So without further delay…

A white fabric wreath I made to welcome guests on the newly painted front door.

Dessert display and a thrift store frame to hold all the caring words from her guests. The boxes along the top are photos of the new family. They are blacked out for privacy. They are hanging from baker’s twine with mini clothespins.

The cake has the baby’s name on little white circles backed with navy blue circles. The image is blanked out again for privacy. They are attached with baker’s twine to make the banners and then attached to the cake with skewers. The large monogram is just a wooden letter from the craft store that I wrapped with a gray yarn.

Dining room table decor.

The start of the gift area. I should have taken pictures towards the end because the lucky mom ended up with an amazing stash. The tin with the chevron fabric was for guests to leave a book for the little one to start his library.

Matching white fabric wreaths I made to lead out to the backyard where everything else was set up.

Apparently I forgot to take pictures of the outside area so hopefully I get them off someone else’s camera soon. We had about 10 tables with white tablecloths on them. The centerpieces were a variety of glass vases with blue and white hydrangeas. We also had mason jars with a gray yarn decoration serving as candleholders on all the tables. The drink table was really cute too and sadly I cannot find a photo of that either.

All in all, it was an amazing day. We had about 70 people at our house. I can’t believe how smoothly it all went. Best of all the new mommy was very happy.

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  1. ReMadeSimple Kristina says

    I love the wreath and all your pretty white and gray decorations. I’m sure your friend will feel so special with this surprise :)

  2. Kelly says

    So pretty! I love those wreaths! BTW, I just saw that you’re going to Haven too – I don’t think I knew that. Going to be fun to meet you!

  3. Michelle says

    Oh this is all so pretty, makes me wanna have another baby so I can have a shower like that. Your wreath is gorgeous!!


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