happy 40th – simple mason jar centerpieces

Simple Mason Jar Centerpieces - Directions Not Included

Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend. We have a bunch of projects in different levels of progress but the weather has not been cooperating. Rain and humidity don’t really help with painting, staining and outdoor fun. While we have the house stuff all over the place, at least I was able to get some simple mason jar centerpieces together for a party.

One of my best friends just celebrated her 40th birthday. What better way to celebrate than a boozy brunch with a bunch of ladies. We reserved a large table at a local spot and enjoyed a fabulous time with a bunch of moms who needed a day out. I’m not a mom but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my Bloody Mary! ;) Since this is a large restaurant and we didn’t have a completely private area I thought it would be fun to dress up the space a bit with some centerpieces.

I bought $12 worth of flowers from a little stand by my house. Yes, in Florida people can sell things on the side of the road in February because it is about 89 degrees!


Just dressed it up with a little piece of glittery burlap ribbon I picked up on sale at Michaels and ended up with an inexpensive, and very pretty, simple mason jar centerpiece. I own a bunch of mason jars that I’ve acquired over the years for all the showers I end up throwing. I’m thankful I’ve picked them up because they sure come in handy. All in all, these were about $15 for all the centerpieces. Not bad party planning on the cheap.


Of course, there is no project done in my house that my animals don’t get involved. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen this. I caught this photo with my iPhone when Lemur was plotting to destroy the centerpieces I had just finished. Really cat? This is why I can’t have nice things!


PS – She did nibble on the flowers and pull a few out of the jar. Silly cat. Do you animals destroy your crafts? What is your go-to centerpiece idea?


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    Nothing is safe! I just love how pleased they are with themselves after ruining all of your hard work. Love the mix of flowers. They look perfect for a wintery table (even though you don’t exactly live in a wintery climate!)

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