a little help from our friends – porch column cover up


The saga of making the front of our house presentable continues. We are not close to being done, but we’ve made the porch and the front of our house a goal for 2014. We’ve made progress with lots of paint on the brick, door & ceiling, etc. But it still needs helps. Those old scroll-like columns drive me nuts. I’ve lived in two old Florida homes with them and I want them gone in this house. In comes my dad who is going to help us figure out decent porch column cover ups. 


Yup, my daddy is an architect. He helped us through the buying process, making sure we had good bones in this crazy old house, and making sure we were to code with all the renovations that had structural components. And this time around he is helping us cover up these horrendous scroll-like columns. See his sketches for the space? Why would I go elsewhere?

He came over this week to take the measurements he needed to give us ideas on how to cover up these porch columns. I hate the columns, but the perk is the mutts and cats LOVE having him over. I’ve always loved architectural sketches. Did I ever mention I was fully intending to be an architect until I did a semester worth of classes?


This is me as a tiny one dreaming of having playing with the forbidden toys. I can still remember the smell of these markers. That is also the butt of my first dog, Tasha.  A viszla who made me the animal lover I am today.


I will have new plans for these ugly columns when my dad gives us some ideas. I want them gone! Yes, I still ahve my Valentine’s Day wreath up. I haven’t made a spring one yet ;)


I can’t wait to make the porch more inviting and in line with our tastes. Do you have a porch? Share any inspiration stuff with me, I’m all ears.


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