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Haven Conference 2014

Oh Haven, how do I actually describe you? First off, as a delinquent blogger, I shouldn’t have even made an appearance. My posting schedule is shameful, and I am for the most part an introvert who hates crowds. That doesn’t really translate to blog conference attendee status. Somehow, Haven brings out another side of me that makes me a Haven Maven. It yields an awesome, inspiring, and electric few days. How is it possible that throwing me into a huge crowd like this could actually lead to an extrovert Anna? Getting to spend time with like-minded bloggers who love their craft and love to party can apparently only lead to a good time.

Since I spent the week in Atlanta before the conference on business travel there was no nice camera in my bag. All of these are iPhone photos so this is what you get. A quick recap of my favorite moments.


Best parts of Haven in no particular order…

Okay, so maybe this one was one of the clear highlights. Mike Holmes! He had us all squealing. I hope he remembers that my invitation to visit Miami is open. And for those of you who know me in person and think “Wow, he’s really short!”, I’m rocking 5 inch heels in this photo.

Mike Holmes and Directions Not Included

There were other highlights besides Mike Holmes of course.

  • There is nothing like getting to see some of my old friends in person again including Cassie, Karah, Jessica, Sarah, Gail, Jamie, Pamela, Kelly and more.
  • The classes. I learned some great things from photography styling to decor, from concrete to ad optimization. It helps to have great teachers like Kristen, Lucy, Jamie, Lisa, Randi, Kelly, Jeremy, Andy and more.
  • FINALLY meeting friends in person and connecting with new faces and blogs – Ashley, Michelle, Brandi, Julia, Jessica and so many more.  There are some amazing ladies (and gents) out there that I’m happy to have connected with and there is no way to make a comprehensive list.
  • The swag. Oh the swag never disappoints. Thank you to all the sponsors who made me pack up a box and mail it home from Atlanta. Can’t wait.

Not to great parts of Haven in no particular order…

  • Being away from my loves at home for so long. I was in Atlanta all week for work and that wore me out.
  • Food. Yeah, some hotels are still struggling with making gluten-free food really gluten-free and tasty.
  • Not having enough chill time. I wish we could break up the sessions and parties for some chill time with all of our favorite bloggers. It would be great to hang out in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The class levels. It would be great to see the classes tiered based on skill-set or overall experience or have tracks made for newbie bloggers. The more advanced bloggers end up only getting a few nuggets of info from each class when the newbies start asking all the basics.
  • So many people. It is a little overwhelming at times.

Will I go again? Only time will tell where my blog and life will take me. I’m not a big blog, I don’t have fancy ideas of making a living on this, but I do enjoy the friendships and creative outlet that blogging has given me.

Thanks for a great time Haven!



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  1. says

    Thanks for including me in your recap :) I agree with the tiered classes thing! But, in the end I’m just happy to hang with my blog girls!

  2. says

    you already know that i love you. :) and i hope that you do go back because after this time, how can i NOT go back. so you need to be there. it isn’t haven without you, me, and a dance floor. and mike holmes. ;) let me know when you are ready for a flight up northish (we are still south of the mason dixon!).

  3. says

    I am so glad you were there and I was there and I got to meet you….because I loved hanging out with you on the dance floor watching the Woodstock drum circle dancer all in Bob Dylan style!! Love ya girl!!

  4. says

    It was so great to see you Anna! :)

    I agree about the chillin’/down time.

    my dream is to get a DIY blogger cruise together. Lots of time to just sit and have round table discussions. maybe someday….


  5. says

    Anna, it was so great to meet you at Haven! I’m a huge introvert too, but something about being surrounded by people with whom small talk = blog talk really helped get me out of my shell! Coming back to the real world though? Much harder!


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