packing, packing, packing

I packed my first two boxes back in December before we closed. The husband laughed at me and told me we had plenty of time.  I wanted to get a head start knowing that the renovations would suck up all of our time. I’ve tried to pack a box or two a week but have failed miserably so now we are in the mad dash to pack before the move this weekend.

We are only 15 blocks away from our current place so the move is really just a short distance but packing up 8 years worth of stuff is a little overwhelming. When we moved into this house we had just a mattress, some bookcases and the usual books and clothes. Moving a whole house and an art studio is a completely different story! Any favorite moving tips or disaster stories to share?

Our living and dining room currently looks like this. Excuse the photo but I have no idea where the real camera is!

Please pass the tape and the empty boxes….and the wine! Please don’t forget the wine ;)
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  1. Jamie @ Happy House, Happy Home says

    I think the wine is the most important supply of the packing process. Good luck moving!

  2. says

    Packing is such a HUGE job!!

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