happy birthday, dear friend

Today would have been the 45th birthday of my dear friend and colleague, Patti. Instead of celebrating with her tonight, we’ll be toasting Maker’s Mark in her memory. We lost Patti last July to ovarian cancer after a courageous 13-month battle. Throughout it all she never stopped smiling and inspiring all those around her. It is hard to put into words what a powerful influence a person like Patti can have on your life. Her smile was contagious and she truly made an undeniable mark on my life and on the lives of all those who were blessed to know her.
I wear a teal bracelet every day to show support and raise awareness for the early detection of ovarian cancer. According to the Ovarian Cancer Institute, one in 57 women in the United States will develop ovarian cancer. Approximately 27,000 are diagnosed every year, and roughly a third of them will survive more than 5 years. We need to change those odds. 
Via Ovarian Cancer Institute
Today I remember Patti’s beautiful smile with the photo I have in both my offices to remind myself to enjoy life and smile. Happy birthday, dear friend. I love you and miss you more every day.

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