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DIY Cat Toy - Directions Not Included

Lemur is a mischievous cat, always getting into stuff. She keeps us on our toes so I’m always looking for things to keep her out of trouble. This is about as simple as it gets in tutorials. You know you all want easy DIY cat toys that are also extremely successful for entertaining  your naughty cats.

I bought a few dowels and a feather-like boa at the craft store. This cost me all of $3 or so with coupons.

DIY Cat Toy - Directions Not Included

Thanks to the Haven Conference and Scotch Brand, I ended up with some stylish Expressions tape. (Not sponsored, just love my free swag from the conference).  I used it to wrap up the dowel for a bit of color and fun.

DIY Cat Toy - Directions Not Included

Wrap that tape up the whole dowel and double it up at the end to attach the boa.

DIY Cat Toy - Directions Not Included

Once you have secured the boa with the tape, proceed to torture entertain your cat with hours of fluffy, feathery fun.

DIY Cat Toy - Directions Not Included

It is safe to say she is happy with her new toy. I wish I would have managed a photo of her dragging the entire thing away with her. DIY Cat Toy - Directions Not Included

I will share that the mutts are not interested in this toy at all. This means Lemur and Annie finally get a toy to call their own. Since I bought a few dowels and have a variety of tape to use, I’m going to make a few more to keep around the house.



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  1. says

    Cute! I need to put my Haven tape to good use, too; I should make one of these :). My toddler was just trying desperately to get the cat to play with him a few minutes ago; maybe a new toy would give him some encouragement (the cat, that is. toddler needs no encouragement ;))

  2. says

    i am pretty sure catcher would love this, too- he found a big feather in the yard and now whenever we go out there he has to find it and play with it.

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