One of the selling points of our house was this expansive family room that runs along the side of our house. It is a great space and one we could envision entertaining in all the time. It has a beautiful exposed wood beam ceiling that we love and a litterbox in the corner that we hate. 
The previous owners clearly had a strange decorating style and loved ceiling tiles. And I do mean, loved. They had tiles covering the wood beam ceiling in the family room, in the hall bathroom, the kitchen, the bar and two layers in the master bedroom. Between all those tiles and and everything else we inherited with the house we filled up two of these.
It is not like the tiles were in good shape and actually enhanced the look of the ceiling. The whole house looked like this with saggy, stained and missing tiles everywhere. Lovely, right?
After a messy few days cleaning out tiles we ended up with a much better view. Unfortunately, the stain used on the beams was not applied very well and it is patchy throughout. It also doesn’t go very well with the wood floors that will be installed in that room so we have a new project on our hands.

After much debate we decided we would go with sanding and re-staining the wood beams with a stain to match our floors and going with white for the boards. Our inspiration for this? JandJHome’s gorgeous dining room pictured below. The contrast of the dark beams with the white paint looks even better in person so we knew it was the right look for our room.
Photo Credit – JandJHome
I’ll be starting on this project once we move and between breaks of putting together our kitchen. I should probably go stock up on sandpaper ;) This will definitely be a tedious project but one that will make such a difference in that space.
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