the final reveal – refinishing an exposed beam ceiling

Exposed Beam Ceiling - Directions Not Included

Finally. I  can finally say we are done with this back-breaking and tedious job. It sucked, but it is so worth it. Our exposed beam ceiling has been completely finished! Do a little dance for me. Wrapping this up gets us one step closer to finishing our family room. Let me remind you with what we started with. Old orangey stained beams, dropped ceiling tiles with a shoddy electrical throughout, and no insulation. This family room was seriously cringe worthy, but I knew it just needed (and … [Read more...]

the list that probably won’t happen – 2013 house goals


Besides getting my blog back in order, we've declared 2013 the year of tackling more projects. 2012 was pretty quiet on the renovation front for us. Between my new job and Ray's pottery business, we've been pretty darn busy. Enough excuses though. This year, we need to tackle some pretty big goals to get us farther along on this reno. Some may be repeats from our 2012 goals that we never got to ;) Driveway Our driveway has seen better days. It is just your basic asphalt circular driveway and … [Read more...]

weekend plans – more exposed beam ceiling work

Anyone have good weekend plans? We are have a fun-filled weekend slowly working on the exposed beam ceiling in our family room. I'm going to be honest here, this is one those projects that I know will be worth every minute when it is done but for the time being, it sucks. Really, really sucks. So time consuming and brutal on the back and neck.We've made progress though. Insulation, drywall and vents are in. All the drywall is perfectly primed and painted. As if that wasn't enough fun, we need to … [Read more...]

year 2 – 2012 house renovation plans

2012 marks the beginning of our second year in this house. Some days it feels like we have been here forever, other days I still can't believe we moved. We have made a lot of progress in the past year but there is hopefully a lot more to come in 2012. At least I really hope so. While I love the renovating, I am looking forward to a bit of a rest for the big projects. I'm going to do my best to get a good photo tour of the house in the current state done in the next few weeks. Let's hope for some … [Read more...]

refinishing an exposed beam ceiling – part 1

We are starting off the year with a big project. One that will hopefully lead a finished family room in the first half of the year. The space currently looks like this. This room was one of the biggest selling points for us. It is a massive room with tons of character which makes it great for entertaining. It had some odd features like tons of dingy painted slump brick we had to refresh and a 3 foot deep planter and fountain in the corner that we lovingly called that the litterbox that had to … [Read more...]


One of the selling points of our house was this expansive family room that runs along the side of our house. It is a great space and one we could envision entertaining in all the time. It has a beautiful exposed wood beam ceiling that we love and a litterbox in the corner that we hate.  The previous owners clearly had a strange decorating style and loved ceiling tiles. And I do mean, loved. They had tiles covering the wood beam ceiling in the family room, in the hall bathroom, the kitchen, the … [Read more...]