let it grow – south florida landscape is ready

South Florida Landscape - Directions Not Included 2

I feel like we've been playing in the dirt way too long in the house. With summer fast approaching...yes, I said summer. This is South Florida. We flew past "winter" into just about summer already - it is hot! Any way, with real summer right around the corner, it has been a top priority to get as much of the yard done as possible. And now we can reveal a pretty much done South Florida landscape. … [Read more...]

outdoor linky party – the bloggy olympics

Happy almost weekend!! I have a mess of projects in various stages of completion so I'm eagerly waiting for the weekend so I can finish up and share them here. Since Hating Martha put together the Bloggy Olympics, the part I was looking forward to the most was the linky party. Getting to see what everyone was up to this summer is so exciting. I'm clearly in outdoor mode since  just about everything I have been posting has to do with our yard or the exterior of our home, including the DIY … [Read more...]

bloggy olympics outdoor event – simple diy planter

Happy weekend everyone! I'm thankful I made it to Saturday with enough energy to have some fun this weekend. We had a crazy storm on Wednesday morning which knocked out our power before 5am. It felt like a test run hurricane so I'm glad we started prepping the house recently for the season. At least the power was back on by the time I came home from work. I've been looking forward to today for awhile. It is time to kick off the final week of the Bloggy Olympics! This week is all about the … [Read more...]

you spent how much on trees? – planting oaks

As you may already know from previous posts, I am a plant killer. The hubby on the other hand actually has a green thumb and is slightly obsessed with trees…specifically oaks. I think he might like trees more than me some days. We cleared out much of the overgrown jungle in our house earlier this summer as we worked towards our new landscape plans. This is the somewhat blank slate we are starting with. We’ve been researching online and paying extra attention on our walks/drives through the … [Read more...]

planting an herb garden part 1 – the planning process

I'm so excited that we are finally getting to the point that we are planting things. It has been over a year in this house and all we have done is rip out plants. While it has been nice to get a clean slate to work with, we like plants and the hubby is really good at not killing them....me not so much. We did a little trip to Home Depot and came home with a bunch of seeds to get started. We plan on getting these planted in little pots to get the seedlings started while we work on building our … [Read more...]

tackling a florida landscape part 2 – plant destruction

It has been a fun and messy time taking out our crazy landscaping to get the yard ready for new look. The hubby hurt his hand and since they are very important to him as an artist, we took a few weeks off and ended up hiring some help in pulling out the old plants.The yard is looking pretty bare right now so here is a glimpse at what we have to work with now. In this corner of the yard we pulled out a large tree that was not in a great place for our long term goals, which include a pool. We also … [Read more...]