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Happy weekend everyone! I’m thankful I made it to Saturday with enough energy to have some fun this weekend. We had a crazy storm on Wednesday morning which knocked out our power before 5am. It felt like a test run hurricane so I’m glad we started prepping the house recently for the season. At least the power was back on by the time I came home from work.
I’ve been looking forward to today for awhile. It is time to kick off the final week of the Bloggy Olympics! This week is all about the great outdoors with 504 Main and SmallGoodHearth. When Janel at Hating Martha approached me for the series, I was excited that I ended up with the outdoor event since I knew our yard would be our priority this summer. This is a simple DIY planter which you can personalize for your home on a budget.
I had all these grand ideas of major projects I wanted to try but I decided I really wanted to do something with things you might have just laying around. I started off with simple supplies that I had on hand – staple gun with staples, 1×2 and 1×6 pieces of scrap wood, weed block fabric, drill and drill bits. Nothing fancy going on here.
I had a bunch of 1×2 and 1×6 pieces of wood leftover so I decided on a simple two tiered planter and measured out my pieces. When working with thin pieces of wood, pre-drilling the holes and using a countersink drill bit makes for a cleaner end product.

I assembled the simple frame with the drill and a handful of screws. Don’t judge the weeds on our patio - they have a mind of their own! How is it possible that I can manage to kill any plant but the weeds still are growing? Something is wrong here.

I wanted to add some color to the planter using my new handy dandy Rustoleum spray paint handle from the Haven swag bag. Loved it and the peacock tealish color I picked.

I moved indoors to finish up the rest of the project which of course brought my handy helpers over to investigate to see where they could lend a hand, I mean, paw.
Once the paint was dry and the dogs were done investigating the new creation, we used the staple gun to attach the weed block fabric to create a simple hammock of sorts between the wood pieces where the potting soil would go.

We planted a handful of flowering plants on the top and bottom we now have a bright little addition to our patio. You’ll notice that the weed block is currently showing but once the plants on the bottom tier start to grow, they will cover it up completely.

Remember I’m co-hosting this week’s event with 504 Main and SmallGoodHearth so don’t forget to check out their projects today too!

I’ll be co-hosting an outdoor linky party with them as well starting on Thursday, July 19th and a giveaway you won’t want to miss if you are trying to spruce up your outside space. We will be announcing winners to these Olympic outdoor link parties so show us the best you got.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Janel@hatingmartha says

    This is brilliant!! Love the idea of the fabric draped like that! Reminds me of the the book holders made from fabric! Very cool! (there were alot of exclamation marks in this comment :))

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