still playing in the dirt – south florida landscape phase 2


This yard has been a never ending story of playing in the dirt. We inherited a very unruly South Florida landscape. The front yard has gone through some work in the past few years but still has a ton to go. Here is a tour through the past few years and where we are now. Soon, we’ll be able to showcase a complete landscape but for now, join us for a little recap.

This was before we moved, painted, and pulled out the unruly plants.


Here we are with the painting started but no real work on the plants.


If you remember, we did clear some of the yard, planted some oak trees and added ivy to climb along the front of our house. PlantingOaks1PlantingOaks3And here we are now. New paint, some new plants, new fence, and a huge pile of dirt since there is still so much more to go.

Florida_LandscapePart1_2 Florida_Landscape_Part1

We cleared out the grass and have planted some native plants to start the landscape. As the dirt pile indicates, we are not quite done. We are adding a bunch of plants to fill in during the coming weeks. We’ve had rainy weather over the holiday break so we haven’t had a chance to finish, but we intend to finish before it hits 90s during  the day again. That is coming soon so we need to get on it! That’s the downfall of a South Florida landscape, it is so hot year round that maintenance is no fun.


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  1. says

    Ive always thought that Fl plants seem like they would completely take over a house if they were left unchecked. That said – my PA plants seem to be doing the same thing…

    You’ve made great progress! Much more than I have!

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