a green home – climbing ivy

Since we cleared up the landscaping we decided we were not really fond of the starkness of the front of the house. The porch area with the turquoise door has some interesting elements and will hopefully look great once we figure out how to update the columns and put up the decorative shutters again. In contrast, the other side of the house just looks blah now.  And yes, this photo is right before we planted the oak trees.

There is not much we can do besides adding a bunch of landscaping in front but we wanted to add a bit of character to the house itself. In comes climbing ivy. We asked around a bit before planting it to make sure it wouldn’t damage the integrity of our walls but we got the all clear.

It may be months, if not at least a year, before I can share the after photos of this but I can’t wait until we have a green house. Something like this…the ivy that is, not the house. Our house is not growing in the next year ;)
Do you like houses covered in ivy? What other things would you have done to change it up?

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  1. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    I agree with Cassie, I like some ivy but keeping a whole house covered would require serious maintenance and I can barely keep up with the lawn.

  2. says

    I think some ivy would be cool! :) My grandmother covered an old tree stump with ivy decades ago. Now it looks like a bush and it’s so neat! Between 3-4 ft. high and round! I don’t touch it because I would surely kill it. We share a black thumb.

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