let it grow – south florida landscape is ready

South Florida Landscape - Directions Not Included 2

I feel like we've been playing in the dirt way too long in the house. With summer fast approaching...yes, I said summer. This is South Florida. We flew past "winter" into just about summer already - it is hot! Any way, with real summer right around the corner, it has been a top priority to get as much of the yard done as possible. And now we can reveal a pretty much done South Florida landscape. … [Read more...]

still playing in the dirt – south florida landscape phase 2


This yard has been a never ending story of playing in the dirt. We inherited a very unruly South Florida landscape. The front yard has gone through some work in the past few years but still has a ton to go. Here is a tour through the past few years and where we are now. Soon, we'll be able to showcase a complete landscape but for now, join us for a little recap. This was before we moved, painted, and pulled out the unruly plants. Here we are with the painting started but no real work … [Read more...]

a little list – 2014 goals


Yeah, so making grand Pinterest resolutions and house goals in 2013 did very little to keep me on track last year. Slacker. I admit it. Last year was pretty freaking busy and I just never managed to get anything of note crossed off those lists. We did finish a ton of other random house projects, and our respective jobs kept us busy as can be. Enough excuses though, because this year, we are making a list and crossing things off. Have I ever told you that I write things down on my to-do lists … [Read more...]

a green home – climbing ivy

Since we cleared up the landscaping we decided we were not really fond of the starkness of the front of the house. The porch area with the turquoise door has some interesting elements and will hopefully look great once we figure out how to update the columns and put up the decorative shutters again. In contrast, the other side of the house just looks blah now.  And yes, this photo is right before we planted the oak trees. There is not much we can do besides adding a bunch of landscaping in … [Read more...]

you spent how much on trees? – planting oaks

As you may already know from previous posts, I am a plant killer. The hubby on the other hand actually has a green thumb and is slightly obsessed with trees…specifically oaks. I think he might like trees more than me some days. We cleared out much of the overgrown jungle in our house earlier this summer as we worked towards our new landscape plans. This is the somewhat blank slate we are starting with. We’ve been researching online and paying extra attention on our walks/drives through the … [Read more...]

announcing the bloggy olympics- torch passing ceremony

Guess what? The 2012 Summer Olympics are coming soon and we are so excited. To help get in the spirit of the Olympics and to add a bloggy spin of our own we will be hosting a 6 week Bloggy Olympics! There will be 18 different blogs participating over 6 weeks and 6 events from June 9th- July 21st. Each week 3 blogs will share a simple tutorial that you can copy or will get you thinking about that event’s theme. At the end of the week they will host a 3 blog linky party for you to link up … [Read more...]