remodeling the blog!


I finally decided to give the blog an upgrade to Wordpress yesterday. Everything seems to have worked perfectly fine in terms of my post, feed, followers, etc. In my excitement to transfer over, I didn't quite finalize my design. So just pretend it looks pretty while I fix it. I had every intention of finalizing it yesterday but instead I was showing a good friend and her husband around Miami and indulging in one very large mojito.   Hope you had a good weekend! Hopefully I'll … [Read more...]

why I blog – and why I’ve been lost around these parts

Well hello there! I know I've tried to promise a few times that once I got settled in the new job, I would get back to my five-day-a-week posting cycle. The truth is, I just don't have time. I love my new job. I love my furry family (husband included). Because of all the commitments that come with that, my hours are limited. I've toyed with the idea of leaving blogging all together but the real reason I stay, is because I like sharing what I do. I blog because I like to create. Do I like it … [Read more...]

outdoor linky party – the bloggy olympics

Happy almost weekend!! I have a mess of projects in various stages of completion so I'm eagerly waiting for the weekend so I can finish up and share them here. Since Hating Martha put together the Bloggy Olympics, the part I was looking forward to the most was the linky party. Getting to see what everyone was up to this summer is so exciting. I'm clearly in outdoor mode since  just about everything I have been posting has to do with our yard or the exterior of our home, including the DIY … [Read more...]

plants for free! – strand nursery giveaway

Since summer is in full swing and so are the Bloggy Olympics, it is only appropriate that our giveaway for the outdoor event is plant related. HatingMartha donated $50 worth of plants for this giveaway from Stand Nursery. As you have been working on your yard and other random outdoor projects, how many flowers and plants have you thought would add some color to what you are doing? It all adds up and makes a huge difference.$50 towards some new additions to your yard would be great.! Please … [Read more...]

good thoughts for a fellow blogger – newlyweds on a budget

I'm coming right out to the point of this post - a fellow blogger and great bloggy friend of mine needs our help. Kari from Newlyweds on a Budget was hit by a car on Saturday while running. It was a hit and run and thankfully the drunk jerk ( I can't post the exact obscenities I'm using to describe him in my mind) who hit her was caught. She is going to make it but it will be an uphill battle. She has a broken femur, collar bone, elbow, knee and a fractured pelvis. All I ask is that you keep … [Read more...]

haven withdrawal

I don’t do well with crowds. I’m not a girl who has a ton of girl friends. And while talkative, I’m usually pretty shy. I was pretty nervous - okay more like seriously nervous - about attending Haven for all those reasons. I’m really glad that I went out of my comfort zone and was fortunate enough to have a chance to attend. I had an amazing time. A really, really amazing time. I was lazy with my camera and it never made it out of my bag so all I have are iPhone photos. Bad blogger! I was … [Read more...]