haven time!!

I’m back…again. So sorry. Please don’t hate me for my hiatus. I have a good reason to be back and finally will be back for good – I’m in Atlanta for the Haven Conference! When I bought my ticket last year it felt it would take forever for the conference to roll around and now it I finally time! I flew in to Atlanta this morning on a very bumpy flight. Can I say how thankful I am that you can buy alcohol on flights? After an easy trip on the MARTA I'm settled in to my room for the … [Read more...]

announcing the bloggy olympics- torch passing ceremony

Guess what? The 2012 Summer Olympics are coming soon and we are so excited. To help get in the spirit of the Olympics and to add a bloggy spin of our own we will be hosting a 6 week Bloggy Olympics! There will be 18 different blogs participating over 6 weeks and 6 events from June 9th- July 21st. Each week 3 blogs will share a simple tutorial that you can copy or will get you thinking about that event’s theme. At the end of the week they will host a 3 blog linky party for you to link up … [Read more...]

i’m a blooming blogger today

Happy Friday!! My first week back has been light but only because I'm slowly catching up into the renovation and crafting world again. This weekend in between some fun festivities with friends and family, I'll be working on some crafts and if we get extra time, some much needed house projects. I'm over at The Blooming Hydrangea today as a Blooming Blogger. If you haven't met Ange and seen her blog, you are missing out. She is by far one of the sweetest bloggers I "know". Best part is, I will … [Read more...]

help keep a special girl smiling

Yes, I know this is my second post after a month-long hiatus and I'm asking for something. It is not for me and it is a good deed so hear me out! Kimberly from Tiaras and Bowties, has a sweet and adorable high-schooler named Alexis. This sweet girl has special needs and hasn't had the best time fitting into high school. High school can be cruel and I can't even imagine what it is like for someone who struggles with other needs. Alexis is still smiling despite her struggles and we can all help … [Read more...]

when this blog grows up – a link party

A few of my favorites (Cassie, Ange, among others) have been posting about what their blog will be like when it grows up. I've been blogging for a little over a year. I started this blog with no expectations other than to keep my friends and family updated on our renovations. I still have no real expectations. I will tell you what I do know...I want to always be me. Those who are close to me in real life say this blog reads like I speak. Will it be the wittiest and most eloquent blog you have … [Read more...]

favorite things exchange – tiffany of living savvy

I never anticipated having back-to-back posts on gifts from my blogging friends, but it just happened that way so I apologize. I know it might not be exciting for you to see my presents but if anything, consider joining an exchange. Hopefully, you will end up as happy as I am! My good bloggy friend, Tiffany from Living Savvy asked me to join her in a gift exchange held by Brandi at Don't Disturb the Groove. The rules were simple - the gift(s) had to be under $20 total and represent your favorite … [Read more...]