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Yeah, so making grand Pinterest resolutions and house goals in 2013 did very little to keep me on track last year. Slacker. I admit it. Last year was pretty freaking busy and I just never managed to get anything of note crossed off those lists. We did finish a ton of other random house projects, and our respective jobs kept us busy as can be. Enough excuses though, because this year, we are making a list and crossing things off. Have I ever told you that I write things down on my to-do lists even if I’ve already completed them, just so I can cross them off? It’s a sickness, but it is true.

We have high hopes we will get a major renovation underway this year. One that includes an addition and a pool, but that isn’t guaranteed so these goals are much more reasonable in nature. So in no particular order, our 2014 goals…

Goal 1 – Finish the first round of landscaping.

We started a bit of it, we just need to finish it so our neighbors can stop staring at the huge pile of dirt in our yard. Yup, we are “those” neighbors yet again.

Florida_Landscape_Part1 Florida_LandscapePart1_2

Goal 2 – Finish the baseboards.

Hiding head in shame as I admit these are still not done. Only part of the house has these simple things that make all the difference. The rest of the house in in desperate need.


Goal 3 – Decorate the porch.

We don’t have a huge porch but we have one and it is lacking in style. We’ve come a long way since we moved in and it looked like this:


We’ve updated the color, door, fixtures and even swapped out the dated window for a hurricane impact glass. But this it still needs new columns and something to make it inviting.


Goal 4 – Finish the family room.

No more stained glass window, double door into the future master, and no more random unfinished spaces. New floors, furniture and decor coming too. There are so many parts of this room that need finishing touches. I just need this space done.

Family_Room Family_Room2 Stained_Glass

Goal 5 – Blog.

Not really a house goal but a goal, nonetheless. I will blog this year. End of story.

So that is 2014 in a nutshell. I have a huge side list that I will hope and pray will happen this year too. In the meantime, I know these goals a few others are attainable. Here’s to a productive 2014!


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