still playing in the dirt – south florida landscape phase 2


This yard has been a never ending story of playing in the dirt. We inherited a very unruly South Florida landscape. The front yard has gone through some work in the past few years but still has a ton to go. Here is a tour through the past few years and where we are now. Soon, we'll be able to showcase a complete landscape but for now, join us for a little recap. This was before we moved, painted, and pulled out the unruly plants. Here we are with the painting started but no real work … [Read more...]

a little list – 2014 goals


Yeah, so making grand Pinterest resolutions and house goals in 2013 did very little to keep me on track last year. Slacker. I admit it. Last year was pretty freaking busy and I just never managed to get anything of note crossed off those lists. We did finish a ton of other random house projects, and our respective jobs kept us busy as can be. Enough excuses though, because this year, we are making a list and crossing things off. Have I ever told you that I write things down on my to-do lists … [Read more...]

the list that probably won’t happen – 2013 house goals


Besides getting my blog back in order, we've declared 2013 the year of tackling more projects. 2012 was pretty quiet on the renovation front for us. Between my new job and Ray's pottery business, we've been pretty darn busy. Enough excuses though. This year, we need to tackle some pretty big goals to get us farther along on this reno. Some may be repeats from our 2012 goals that we never got to ;) Driveway Our driveway has seen better days. It is just your basic asphalt circular driveway and … [Read more...]

you spent how much on trees? – planting oaks

As you may already know from previous posts, I am a plant killer. The hubby on the other hand actually has a green thumb and is slightly obsessed with trees…specifically oaks. I think he might like trees more than me some days. We cleared out much of the overgrown jungle in our house earlier this summer as we worked towards our new landscape plans. This is the somewhat blank slate we are starting with. We’ve been researching online and paying extra attention on our walks/drives through the … [Read more...]

a fresh start – tackling florida landscaping

When we bought this lovely little home, we inherited an insanely rundown property. As much as the hubby wanted to tackle the landscaping as soon as we had the keys in our hands, I made him wait. I wanted the inside of this crazy house in a mangeable state before he started doing work outside. We improved our backyard quite a bit but the front has been looking pretty cruddy. Now that hurricane season is approaching again, it is time to get the trees under control and plant new landscaping before … [Read more...]