you spent how much on trees? – planting oaks

As you may already know from previous posts, I am a plant killer. The hubby on the other hand actually has a green thumb and is slightly obsessed with trees…specifically oaks. I think he might like trees more than me some days. We cleared out much of the overgrown jungle in our house earlier this summer as we worked towards our new landscape plans. This is the somewhat blank slate we are starting with.

We’ve been researching online and paying extra attention on our walks/drives through the area for ideas. We knew we wanted to plant a few more trees on the property for shade and privacy but were unsuccessful the first couple of trips to the nurseries. I thought it sort of fell off his radar and we would work on getting some of the other landscaping projects underway. Then I find a receipt on the dining room table. I wish I would have taken a picture but I was too shocked at the moment. The conversation went something like this:

Me: So babe, you bought trees?
Him: Yeah, I bought the oaks we had been talking about getting.
Me: Oh, I thought we weren’t getting them right now…
Him: But I found some great ones and they are planting oaks on Friday.
Me: And how much are we paying for this?
Him: It was only $1200. It is a really great deal with everything involved.
Me: ***Jaw on floor*** So is this why you said I couldn’t look for the tv stand/media center for the family room?

Say what?! Screaming deal or not, I guess I did not comprehend this would be such an expensive addition to our house. I’m happy they are here though…except there is no tv stand/media stand yet…and we have no more big purchases on a horizon for some time. Boys and their priorities. To be specific, the trees themselves were not that expensive but renting the equipment and labor for planting oaks in limestone-ridden Florida upped the ante.

Here is a recap of the planting process. Since we ended up with bigger trees it was not exactly DIY friendly. We needed equipment to get this done. Have you ever tried to dig a hole in South Florida? You hit limestone rock pretty quickly. Not something you can do without some big machines.

And here is the front now of our house now.

Next up, we will be clearing out all the random plants between our house and the neighbors and filling it in with some great bushes and flowering plants. We will also tackle all the front landscaping and do something about the hideous front fence. I can’t wait to get some extra privacy in our backyard. I also can’t wait until our house stops looking like “that house” on the block. ;)

PS – Before anyone thinks we have a crazy relationship, we do discuss big purchases and have joint finances. That doesn’t mean we always remember when we clear a big purchase with the other and there is a big time lapse in between discussion and purchase! ;)

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  1. says

    bahahaha! We have joint finances as well and discuss every little purchase….but hubbs has done this to me a time or two! The trees look great though…you’ll definitel appreciate them in a few years when they’re big and shady!

  2. says

    Your story has made me appreciate the oak trees that we were given for free. My husband loves his oak trees. We have four in the front yard that were grown from acorns by a close friend of ours.
    Congrats on getting your landscape started.

  3. says

    The trees look great! I had the same reaction when I found out about the mini digger purchace that we had been tentativley discussing…!!

  4. Emily @ EAKaHouse says

    This made me giggle. Daniel and I don’t usually discuss these things. There is a budget each month and as long as we stay within it he doesn’t care what I buy. They do look like some very nice trees though. We are working towards clearing out the front but man do I hate juniper bushes.

  5. Jody says

    So funny! I’ve been there and by there I mean possibly spending too much on trees and “forgetting” to tell the Mister until after the fact . . . I feel about fruit trees the way your hubby feels about the oaks! You are going to love having those trees. The yard is really starting to looking fantastic, great job!

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