let it grow – south florida landscape is ready

South Florida Landscape - Directions Not Included 2

I feel like we’ve been playing in the dirt way too long in the house. With summer fast approaching…yes, I said summer. This is South Florida. We flew past “winter” into just about summer already – it is hot! Any way, with real summer right around the corner, it has been a top priority to get as much of the yard done as possible. And now we can reveal a pretty much done South Florida landscape.

With the rainy season approaching, all these plants will be filled in and lush before we know it. We’ll add a bit of mulch too to help with the weeds.

South Florida Landscape - Directions Not Included 1

Here are some close-ups of my favorites. We have a variety of greens and flowers that hold up really well, year round with our weather. I especially love the bougainvillea and the orchids

South Florida Landscape - Directions Not Included - Florida plants.jpg

We also finished a hedge around the front perimeter of the home. Here is a shot of it along the new fence in the front.

South Florida Landscape - Directions Not Included - Clusia hedge

I think our neighbors are finally getting to the point where they can’t say “We are the house next to the overgrown house.”  or “We are two houses past the junkyard.”

I know a ton of you are out there freezing your butts off and this is probably a torturous post. I am sorry. Come for a visit. You won’t regret getting out of the cold for a bit. :)


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  1. says

    Just seeing the pictures of your flowers and green plants makes me happy! We had a 55 degree day today and you’d think it was 80. Now tonight we are under a winter storm warning, WTH!! I’m done with winter. I can’t wait to get out and work in our yard. Can’t wait to see your progress :)

    xxoo- Andrea

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