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Directions Not Included - Family Room Pillowcases

A few weeks ago, I gave you a tour of our family room’s progress. We recently bought new sofas from West Elm that we absolutely love. They are super comfortable and spacious. Lily even had her 15 minutes of fame, when our local West Elm’s Instagram feed shared her photo enjoying her new spot.

Directions Not Included - Lily on West Elm's Henry Sofa

As comfy as the sofas are, they don’t come with throw pillows. Many, many throw pillows are a must in the house. We are cuddlers and loungers at night with all the mutts, and frequently actually fall asleep on the sofas. Yes, I know that is bad, but we live a crazy, busy life and falling asleep is a victory where ever it is.

I did an IKEA run a few weeks ago and came across their throw pillow inserts. They actually have down throw pillow inserts for under $6/each. I’m really not supposed to use down with my allergies, but these are super soft and washable so I bought a handful in different sizes to try out. Clearly, these photos only show the inserts. I have to make the covers for them but you have to wait for that! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a sneak peek.

Here is a quick look at what the pillows and the sofas. And some gratuitous shots of the rats I live with.

Directions Not Included - Family Room Pillowcases

Lily loves these sofas. Don’t judge the random curtains that are still up leading to our master bedroom. That opening will be closed up before the end of the year. Okay, seriously, I need to your good wishes that Ray really commits to helping me close this wall off before the 4th year of us closing in December. I will cry if we don’t at least close the opening.

Directions Not Included - Family Room Pillowcases

If you have a keen eye, you might have noticed we added an ottoman to our Henry sectional since we last shared it. We sure did. I don’t even think you will believe me when I tell you why. We wanted an L-shaped sectional so we could both sit on the sofa together and cuddle while I’m on my laptop and we are watching TV. Well, Dylan, our oldest dog at 14 years old, really loved the ottomans we had for both of our old sofas. When we had the new sofas delivered he refused to sit on the sofa for more than a few minutes. Every time we put him on, he would sit for a few minutes and jump off. We realized he really loved the space the ottoman gave him so we ordered one.

Sure enough, while he in lounging on the floor in this photo, the ottoman is his spot yet again. He is now a happy camper and lays on the ottoman whenever we hanging out in this space. Yes, I spent over $400 for my 14-year old dog. Don’t judge me ;) He is my love.

Directions Not Included - Family Room Pillowcases

What color(s) do you think I might go with for the pillows? I’m loving the IKEA throw pillow inserts so far. I’m excited to add some covers for functionality and extra life into this room. Things to note before you make your guess. The floor is not the final floor. We are doing either polished concrete or large porcelain tiles in a grayish finish. The walls will be painted again once we finalize the floor. Any guesses? I’m going bold for my style in this room.

Hope you had a relaxing or productive long weekend! Whatever you were hoping for!


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    ikea also has gorgeous velvet covers- i think that a teal blue or a golden yellow would look fabulous on your sofa! i am leaning towards teal. you know i love those couches and have the same style and color! we have a mix of blue and white pillows.

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