the simple things – installing ikea toe kicks for kitchen cabinets


This post is on the embarrassing side for a DIY blogger. I will not take the blame on how long this took though. I blame the hubby since most of our kitchen delays are due to him. We started our kitchen renovation in 2011. We made major progress and ended up with a pretty finished space with the exception of installing IKEA toe kicks on our cabinets, and a few other odds and ends.

It is really not a big deal but it drove me crazy. Cleaning under the cabinets, the ugly cabinet feet showing, and dragging the cat from under the cabinets on a regular basis were enough to drive me to nagging. And nagging I did. This is a project I would have done on my own MONTHS ago but I needed him to use the table saw at work to trim down the pieces to fit. So I stared at this gap forever….

KitchenToeKickI’m happy to announce that after maybe 45 minutes of work that looked something like this…


We ended up with finished edge under our cabinets. Woohoo!KitchenToeKick2I know the cat is probably pissed beyond belief that she cannot crawl under there anymore but I am happy. Don’t plan for it to take years to install IKEA toe kicks in your kitchen. That only happens in this house.

KitchenToeKick4Stay tuned. I still have not done a full reveal of our kitchen but I’m prepping to do it soon. Just need needs a few finishing touches. Do you have any projects that have taken forever to finish?



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  1. lindsi says

    Hey!! I’m working on these right now, and the pieces you have pictured I have… I understand how to put them up but am just confused because along with the white pieces… each piece came with a particle board piece too? like completely particle board. not just on the back middle like the white ones. I have no idea what it’s for but feel like it has to be for something!!!

    • says

      Hi there! I’m glad this post is helpful. The extra particle board is just used to keep the toe kick straight and avoid damage. I think it is from how they pack and ship them. The only pieces you need to install are the ones that are white in front and have the groove in the back. Let me know if you have any other questions. Share pics of your kitchen too!

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