changes – directions not included before and afters

Family Room - Directions Not Included

I was messing around with my blog design and realized I have been really bad at updating the pages on this site. Guess I'll take some time this weekend for some blog clean up! I'm working on a new house tour page, but in the meantime, I thought it would good to give a quick run through of the latest before and afters since this is a DIY blog after all. For all you new followers who have yet to see our "beautiful" before shots, this might come at a surprise - this house was pretty damn ugly. And … [Read more...]

a very delayed reveal – our diy ikea kitchen


When I look back at the blog, I'm quite embarrassed that it has taken us this long to reveal the kitchen. We've been in this house for 2 years this month. By blog standards, our kitchen is nothing spectacular so it really isn't an earth-shattering reveal. We have a pretty small kitchen and given the layout of our house it wasn't in the cards to change that. We went with a DIY IKEA kitchen for our renovation. Overall, we love what we were able to do on a budget and with limited space. In case … [Read more...]

the simple things – installing ikea toe kicks for kitchen cabinets


This post is on the embarrassing side for a DIY blogger. I will not take the blame on how long this took though. I blame the hubby since most of our kitchen delays are due to him. We started our kitchen renovation in 2011. We made major progress and ended up with a pretty finished space with the exception of installing IKEA toe kicks on our cabinets, and a few other odds and ends. It is really not a big deal but it drove me crazy. Cleaning under the cabinets, the ugly cabinet feet showing, … [Read more...]

backsplash reveal – diy white subway tile

I hope you all had a great weekend. We kept it pretty low key only tackling a few projects around the house and some crafts. Best parts of the weekend were meeting baby Parker (who I made the freezer stencil onesie for) and finally taking pictures of the house!. We can finally share the DIY subway tile backsplash I installed. Our kitchen renovation is ALMOST there. If I wasn't married to Mr. Start-100-Projects-At-One-Time, we would be further along in our renovations instead of having 100 … [Read more...]

subway tile backsplash – installation is not so bad!

I'm so excited about this project. I laid tile and so far so good!We started our kitchen renovation last December when we gutted the kitchen and started slowly rebuilding it. Since April we have had an almost complete kitchen. It has been fully functional but really needed the finishing touches. I was getting quite tired of looking at the random patched up walls. The hubby was so hesitant to let me tackle this but I'm so glad we decided to do it ourselves. These are the first three tiles I have … [Read more...]

rest in peace dear christmas tree…

You read that right, our Christmas tree has moved on to a better life in the mulch pile. Right before Christmas too. I may have shed a tear or two but it had to go. Poor thing was dead and my floor around the tree looked like this several times a day. I wonder who had a hand, I mean paw, in the early demise of this tree. Good thing she is cute. It is sad to see it go so soon but since we don't have kids so I had to be realistic. The mess was too much with all the projects we have going on right … [Read more...]