changes – directions not included before and afters

Family Room - Directions Not Included

I was messing around with my blog design and realized I have been really bad at updating the pages on this site. Guess I'll take some time this weekend for some blog clean up! I'm working on a new house tour page, but in the meantime, I thought it would good to give a quick run through of the latest before and afters since this is a DIY blog after all. For all you new followers who have yet to see our "beautiful" before shots, this might come at a surprise - this house was pretty damn ugly. And … [Read more...]

before and afters – a mini-tour 18 months into renovations

Happy Monday! I'm in route to Denver for the week so posting will be light. We had too much fun this weekend so we didn't get much work done. Those are good weekends though, and we definitely needed it! 18 months into this renovation, I finally decided it would be a good idea to start taking our after photos. The weather was crappy the weekend I decided to do this so I have to take new ones for some rooms so for now here is what we have. The craft room renovation you all know well. Our … [Read more...]

lay of the land – our floor plan

I don't know about you but every time I look at the houses of bloggers if a floor plan is not available I'm always trying to figure out how the rooms are laid out. It must be the genes I get from my architect father, but I always want to know which rooms are connected to which. It really helps gauge the style of the house and flow of the design. My father might kill me for posting this horrendous floor plan but I don't have the energy to sit down and try make a perfect one. This one may be off a … [Read more...]

a pirate’s life for me

We have a pirate bathroom. I know you are jealous and have always wanted pirate ship wallpaper. Admit it. Paired with pink and grey tile, a prehistoric vanity and built-in wall heater, it is definitely a stylish space.We have a pirate kitty too so it was a good excuse for the 9 months we lived with this bathroom. Annie needed to feel the new house was safe for her pirate kitty ways.Yes, she really only has one eye.Annie is settled so I thought it would be a good idea to tackle finally removing … [Read more...]

bath crashers – please come crash my baths!

Have you ever seen the show Bath Crashers on the DIY Network? Matt Muenster picks up unsuspecting customers at big home improvement stores then renovates their whole bathroom. He creates dream worthy spaces from otherwise ugly and outdated bathrooms. I'm insanely jealous of all those who get his bathrooms. I fantasize that this will happen to me. Seriously. I walk aimlessly around Home Depot in hope that one day I'll see him and can sweet talk him into coming to our house. Most of the people on … [Read more...]

phase 2

Our house renovation is being done in phases. Why? Because money does not grow on trees (unfortunately) and we don't have a ton of time to spare. We have pretty much finished up the front part of the house. Is it all furnished? Do we have base boards? Are all the light fixtures done? Of course not! But it looks nice enough to invite people over for dinner and drinks now. Pictures to come soon :)That is enough for me to start planning how we are going to tackle Phase 2. What is included in Phase … [Read more...]