the side job – corporate office decorating – the befores


Let me tell you something about myself, you may already know. I tend to take on more than I should and I have a really hard time telling people no. That will explain the craziness I embarked on last year at my day job. Our office was relatively new and completely white. Not an ounce of personality, nothing to make it ours. Considering our culture, the office didn't fit. Our execs were considering paying some over-priced and out of touch designers to give the space some life (I'm not saying all … [Read more...]

just a little color – painted midcentury modern furniture

Painted Midcentury Modern Furniture - Directions Not Included

Adding a little color helps, right? I'm all for maintaing the classic appeal and natural finish of MCM furniture, but sometimes painted Midcentury modern furniture is the way to go. I honestly struggled with this piece so much. I bought it a few years ago for less than $25. It was beat up and not solid wood. It sat in its natural beat up state for a very long time but it needed help. … [Read more...]

blue skies ahead – robin’s egg blue porch ceiling

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! We had lots of fun with good friends and managed to tackle a decent amount of house projects too, which to me equals a great weekend! No surprise that HGTV and DIY Network are probably my favorite channels so they are usually on in the background even if I'm not watching them. I think it was on House Hunters (or something like that) I heard that on certain islands Caribbean they paint porch ceilings shades of blue to ward away bad spirits. It got in my head … [Read more...]

painted exterior brick – from dark to light

A more appropriate title for this post would be "Painted exterior brick - Finally revealing after 6 months". 6 months to finally take pictures and write a post - can we say slacker?! We painted the entire exterior of our home back in December as we prepped for a huge baby shower and I finally get around to showing you guys. Last time I checked, it was June. I have plenty of excuses but let's just pretend that time is going by at lightening speed. Great, I'm glad you are on the same page. We … [Read more...]

craft room paint color

I've had a bunch of requests about the paint color of my craft room in the past few days. Unfortunately, a lot of the readers who have asked are no reply bloggers and I cannot get back to them. If you have ever asked me a question in a comment and I did not reply to you it is because I have no way of doing so. Take a look at this great post from Ask Anna on how to fix that so bloggers can reply to you. I don't want any of you to think I was being rude and not answering!This post is for all you … [Read more...]

baseboards make such a difference

Baseboards. Such a simple project in reality but one that kept getting pushed down on the to do list. That to do list of random unfinished projects that has been haunting us all 2011 but thankfully we crossed a lot off that off in the last two weeks.We had the wood floors installed last February and have been living with the gaps between the floor boards and the old baseboards. When you have 5 furry creatures living with you, it becomes a trap for pet hair and dust which makes cleaning the gaps … [Read more...]