painted exterior brick – from dark to light

A more appropriate title for this post would be "Painted exterior brick - Finally revealing after 6 months". 6 months to finally take pictures and write a post - can we say slacker?! We painted the entire exterior of our home back in December as we prepped for a huge baby shower and I finally get around to showing you guys. Last time I checked, it was June. I have plenty of excuses but let's just pretend that time is going by at lightening speed. Great, I'm glad you are on the same page. We … [Read more...]

another brick in the wall – painted brick

Back in September I won the Wagner Power Painter Plus from Wagner and My Repurposed Life. I shared the project reveal over there a few weeks ago but I wanted to share with you here in case you didn't make the trip over to Gail's to check it out. Our family room is covered in slump brick, a thin and uneven brick with deep grooves which makes painting it a tedious task. Since we bought this fixer upper in December of last year we have lived with the dingy painted brick that is sprinkled with … [Read more...]

another brick in the wall

The front of our house is very traditional which is not the look we are going for on the inside so I've been itching to change it.  I've been saying I wanted to paint the bricks in the front for months. The hubby thought I was nuts but I found the photographic evidence I needed to show him that painting the brick was exactly the way we needed to go. Painting brick is a very controversial topic but for our style it really fits. This is what our place currently looks like complete with crazy … [Read more...]