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Back in September I won the Wagner Power Painter Plus from Wagner and My Repurposed Life. I shared the project reveal over there a few weeks ago but I wanted to share with you here in case you didn’t make the trip over to Gail’s to check it out. 

Our family room is covered in slump brick, a thin and uneven brick with deep grooves which makes painting it a tedious task. Since we bought this fixer upper in December of last year we have lived with the dingy painted brick that is sprinkled with touches of orange too. If you are new here and are trying to figure out what the dark spot in corner of the room is, take a look at this post to see some of the crazy things we inherited when we bought this place. 

Please disregard the “decor”

In July we decided to prime it in an effort to get the painting underway. My husband was sure it wouldn’t be so bad so we spent our 4th of July weekend painting it with a brush and roller. By the end of three full days, we were delirious and it was obvious the brick needed much more help than that. So the room sat semi-primed for months. 

In comes my new favorite toy. Seriously, this thing is awesome. 

Since we were doing this inside, prep was the most important step. We have an exposed beam ceiling which we are going to refinish and even though the floor is going to be replaced I didn’t want to add paint to its already ugly look. 

I did the first coat of paint in maybe an hour. I still can’t believe it went that quickly. It was pretty much effortless and the coverage was amazing. I used the nozzle with the left to right spray to give the first coat. My husband did a second spray in certain areas using the top to bottom spray.

The adjustable nozzle is great for painting brick. Can’t wait to try it out on furniture too since you can set it as left to right and top to bottom you get the best coverage.

And here is the room now. A nice crisp new look. 

While the room is still not anywhere near being finished the paint job is amazing. 

Next project I’m tackling with the Wagner Paint Power Plus? 


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  1. Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made says

    Wow – what a difference! I’ve never used a power sprayer but they look like fun :) Can’t wait to see the continued progress!

  2. says

    What a difference a day makes!!!! Looks wonderful…I
    m buying one Wed. I have 9 rooms to paint. I painted 1 and a 1/2 with a roller and it about killed me and I still not happy with the finish…. Thanks for posting this on you blog..


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