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I love my husband. I really do. But there are times that I want to make him sleep outside. Our family room (or Florida room because that is technically what it is) makes me want him in the yard overnight. Not even with the dogs because I would never let them sleep outside ;) The family room has been one of the projects that has slowly driven me crazy since we moved in. We’ve made a ton of progress from its original state but I just need it done.

We always entertain in the house and as you can imagine, the family room and the dining room/kitchen are the places to be. It kinda makes me shudder when we take pictures. I hate that people end up posing in front of one of the random openings that shouldn’t be in there. This where we started:


Now, let me explain. Finishing this room is nothing out of this world difficult. We’ve done much more complex projects in our years of renovating. The thing is, if something makes Ray nervous, he will avoid it. So these random things have been covered, hidden or otherwise ignored forever. FINALLY I’ve convinced him to start tackling these. Before long I will get to say goodbye to all three of these.

Random built in bookcase that looked like this for way too long after we ripped it out.


We painted the brick, got rid of the A/C unit, and will finish this space so we can add some artwork. Oh yeah, this is also a sneak peak to our  exposed beam ceiling work :)


This stained glass beauty we have been hiding behind a fabric canvas since I scrambled in 2011 to cover it before a baby shower. Embarrassing.


When the window is closed, my thoughts are a gallery wall like this beauty. Source.


This former double door which will not be the entrance into our still-in-progress master bedroom.


When the opening in closed, we’ll be replacing the sofas with an L-shaped sectional. This is the current front runner – Henry Sectional


I totally jinxed myself with this post haven’t I? By posting this there is no way we are actually going to finish any of these in the next month…let alone year. 

Is there a room (or multiple rooms) in your house that need work? Please tell me we are not the only slackers.


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  1. Shannon Veski says

    I vote we make Ray leave the house one day for whatever reason (to teach Mike to golf??) and then we just do it ourselves … we could totally drywall that double door shut and smash that stained glass window!!!!:)

  2. says

    Oh I hear you! Currently that is how my yard makes me feel. I want to close my eyes and run past it just so I don’t have to be reminded of all the work that needs to be done. You’ll do it!

  3. says

    You will totally get it done! I am loving the sneak peak of the beam ceiling! I love looking at pictures of your house! I think the gallery wall will be perfect, and I love the Henry sections! Perfectly modern and comfortable!


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