scott olson painting in my house – and update to our ikea hack bar

Ikea Hack Bar - Directions Not Included

Picture me doing a happy dance because I am doing an awkward one right now. This Cuban can’t dance by the way. Once we refinished the bar area, we knew we wanted artwork or something to anchor the space. I used our IKEA hack bar all the time for parties or as my mantle for holidays. Using the bar as a buffet was perfect use for it but the space was so bare. For a while I was set on using a mirror at the top but Ray was not having it. I honestly thought it would be possible to find a painting or photograph we would BOTH like that would fit the space. Neither of us like the idea of art as a form decor, but more for the art itself so I with us two stubborn folks involved I was pretty content with just having a plain ‘ol space.IKEA_Hack_Bar_5

The weekend of my birthday we headed to the Coconut Grove Art Festival. For years we have been out of the habit of attending local art shows since we are always vendors there with RMPottery. Since this year we decided to escape the madness of exhibiting, we were able to attend as mere visitors. I was only halfway through with my bloody mary, when we walked by Scott Olson’s  booth. It was just one of those moments when we both realized that we had found something we could not pass up. IKEA_Bar_Hack_4

The the form and technique was just spot on. Scott Olson is a Chicago-based artist who paints a variety of subjects. This piece is called Fifteen Birds and is oil on cardboard.  It was just one of those things that clicked instantly for us but never thought we would find. I’m still in shock that it is hanging in my house.


I have to remind myself this is our house every so often. Here is a little trip down memory lane so you understand why. This is the the path this area of the house has taken. From closing day to moving day. This doesn’t even include the random furniture and decor we had going on for a while.

Directions Not Included - Bar Renovations

While the room itself requires lots of work, DIY was at a minimum for hanging up the painting. We used two hefty hooks to hold it up and level it but no real work was required.


And here is the space now. Insert my awkward dance again. I have a few other tweaks in mind for the dining room and this area overall but for now this is perfect. Our IKEA hack bar, the floors, the unified look. I’m loving it.


What do you think? Do you ever go to local art festivals to look for original artwork? I’ll have a post soon on tips for buying original artwork soon.  It doesn’t have to be a big investment either but since I married and artist and come from a family of crafters and artists, this is something we’ve always been big on.



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    I love the art! It is so hard to find art that we both like that is affordable! Great choice! I love the bar too! Super simple and perfect for the space!

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