ikea hack bar – a diy bar from ikea cabinets – the final reveal

We have progress folks! I gave a glimpse of what was going on in our bar last week. We used IKEA kitchen cabinets, the hanging wall kind, to create a custom floating bar. Our very own IKEA hack bar.

This is where we made it to last weekend. Cabinets built and hanging and that is about it.

It was a marked improvement over this but still needed some finishing touches.

We went to the nice lumber yard in town and picked up some mahogany plywood. They have a great selection of wood in plywood form, which is always a great thing for projects like this. It ends up being much cheaper than other alternatives and the finish is great. Best part of this lumber yard is that they will cut the wood for you for a small fee. So we came home with the full plywood sheet cut down to size for this project and another one I have up my sleeve.

We wanted a thicker top than the standard size of this plywood. Thicker pieces are more expensive so to save some cash, we glued down two pieces together. And weighed it down with all sorts of other stuff to make sure the seal with tight and we managed to keep it from warping.

You’ll notice our kitchen backsplash tiles are being put to good use. Haven’t managed to get that project off the ground yet. We also put small screws in from the bottom of the piece for added support. I just forgot to take a picture of that.

After a good sanding, we stained the top with a dark stain that matches our floors throughout the house. We used tung oil to seal the surface instead of a poly. We have used this on other custom furniture pieces in our house and love the finish.

Add a little hardware as a finishing touch and there you have it. Our very own IKEA hack bar – a custom dry bar made from IKEA kitchen cabinets.

I really love how it cleans up the space. It will also be great to use as a buffet when we host dinner parties too.

What do you think? Anyone finish up a major project this weekend?

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  1. Trissta says

    LOVE! I wish I had something like that in my house!!! You’ve done a great job with it! I definitely love the wood on the top and the pulls…. They just work together so well!!

    Much Love,


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