project nursery – chalkboard arrow sign

Chalkboard Arrow Sign - Directions Not Included

Don’t get excited. There is no baby in the works for this blogger. I’m knee deep in planning for my bestie’s first born. So far I’ve made a million¬†Harry Potter onesies, have a secret Pinterest board for her shower & baby crafts, as well as a few other projects currently in the works. This chalkboard arrow sign shouldn’t even count as a project because it was so simple. I went to Michael’s last weekend for the #mpinterest party and picked up the wooden arrow with a coupon. Sadly, I was the only one who showed to the party so I just bought supplies and went home. Insert sad face – I was so jealous of everyone who had huge showings of crafters.

Honestly, this is hardly a tutorial but I thought it would be a cute addition to the baby room and a useful prop. I sanded down the sign slightly, gave it a few coats of chalkboard paint, remembered to condition with with chalk and I called it a day.

Chalkboard Arrow Sign - Directions Not Included

The chalkboard arrow sign also seems like it would be a cute way to take the monthly baby photos too as the little one starts growing up.

Chalkboard Arrow Sign - Directions Not Included

I’m trying to document on all items project nursery so even though this is simple beyond words, it is going on the blog. The soon-to-be mommy and I have been sharing all sorts of ideas back and forth as we design the perfect baby room. I can’t wait to be able to share the finished space.

Do you have any favorite crafts or Pinterest boards for nurseries or baby crafts? Send them over, please!




PS  - The blog might look a bit funky for the next few days as I try to fix the mess I made. Bad blogger.

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