project nursery – chalkboard arrow sign

Chalkboard Arrow Sign - Directions Not Included

Don't get excited. There is no baby in the works for this blogger. I'm knee deep in planning for my bestie's first born. So far I've made a million Harry Potter onesies, have a secret Pinterest board for her shower & baby crafts, as well as a few other projects currently in the works. This chalkboard arrow sign shouldn't even count as a project because it was so simple. I went to Michael's last weekend for the #mpinterest party and picked up the wooden arrow with a coupon. Sadly, I was the … [Read more...]

chalkboard obsession – diy chalkboard message station

After buying the chalkboard paint to make the chalkboard tables, I found myself eyeing all sorts of things to cover in chalkboard paint. I love the idea of chalkboard walls in kitchens and other spaces, but chalkboard paint on a large scale would not work in our home. I had to improvise, so I ran to Home Depot and picked up some MDF. I bought a small, thin, board for under 5 bucks. I sent the husband to cut it with the table saw in a few different sizes. He has access to the sculpture studio at … [Read more...]

kid approved – diy ikea chalkboard table

I think this present went over well. Alexander really seems to be enjoying his chalkboard table! The Lack side tables are definitely the perfect height for little ones. I can't wait to drop off the one for Drew this weekend..In case you missed it, my tutorial for making these inexpensive chalkboard tables is here: chalkboard tables. Happy Friday!Thanks for following Directions Not Included! … [Read more...]

diy ikea chalkboard table – ikea hack

We only have furry kids but I am surrounded by a bunch of little ones thanks to all my friends. Most of them call me Tia - which is Spanish for Aunt -  so I try to keep up with the proper Auntie behavior and spoil them rotten. I have always wanted to pick up the Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint but had no idea what I would make to justify the purchase. In comes the IKEA Lack Side Table and a reason to finally buy the paint. IKEA hacks are great because you can take a relatively inexpensive … [Read more...]