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The never-ending room remodel. That is exactly how I feel about our family room update. Yes, I know we are STILL not in our master bedroom after three years but the master isn’t used. We use this space all.the.time. I love this room. It is one of the reasons we fell in love with this house, but I want it DONE! We are not done, but we are definitely getting somewhere. Here is the space today with some of our most recent updates including the new windows (hurricane impact ones! woohoo!), the Henry sofas from West Elm and our new (vintage) TV stand. And please don’t forget those painstakingly refinished exposed beam ceilings. I am so glad those are done and we never have to touch them again.

Family_Room_July_5 Family_Room_July

This one has a decent shot of my Broyhill Brassilia score, my adorable dog Dylan and the curtains that lead to the still-under-construction master bedroom. I cannot wait until that wall is sealed off and I don’t have to explain to curious guests that the ghetto shower curtain rod and cheap curtains are not part of my design plans for this room. And PS – Dylan just turned 14, doesn’t he look great for the old man that he is?!


Here is a view from the TV area to our kitchen and the rest of the house. The paint in this rooms needs to be updated now that we have these sofas, but I am waiting until we get the floors installed to pick the right color. Next up in this room is sealing up the crazy “stained glass” window behind the fabric covered canvas.


In this shot, you can also see the recessed space we are still finishing to put a large-scale piece of art in. Family_Room_July_4

Oh and the floors. I cannot wait until we get new floors. I love the old style Cuban tile. They are solid concrete tiles, but if you are new around here or have somehow managed to forget the attrocity of our built-in litterbox, there is no way we can keep match the. Family_Room_July_7.jpg

Some Dylan butt and a glimpse towards our bar from the family room. Family_Room_July_6

Kinda crazy to think we came from this.

FamilyRoom1Exposed Beam Ceiling Before

To this…


We still have a bit to go on some big-ticket items. Once those are in and I can finally style this space, I will be thrilled.

Do you have any room in your house you desperately want done, but doesn’t seem to ever get here?



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    oh anna it is looking SO good! i love those henry sofas in there- that’s what we have in our living room- i love them! same color, too! :) they have held up well i think after 3 years.

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