the ultimate garage sale score – broyhill brasilia sideboard

Broyhill Brasilia Sideboard3

As I hinted earlier this week here or on Instagram. I found it. I finally, finally found it. I had been on the search for a midcentury dresser or sideboard to use as a media center for years. I’ve always been a thrift store failure so I never expected to find something worthwhile. I had a piece I picked up that we used temporarily, but it wasn’t big enough, wasn’t solid wood, and overall was a bit of a disappointment. But this is it. I actually found a Broyhill Brasilia sideboard (or dresser whatever you want to call it) at a garage sale.

This was a simple twist of fate for sure. Our housekeeper left her phone charger at our house on Saturday and we needed to run to the store to look for new washer since ours died. We drove by her place so it took us out of our normal commute to the appliance store. As we are making our way down there I noticed a garage sale and caught a glimpse of the piece. Ray was on the phone, I squealed and almost jumped out of the car. I was sure he was going to keep driving because he is not a fan of my thrifting (or attempts at it). Much to my surprise he did a u-turn and I was out of the car in second. I couldn’t pay the guy fast enough. I didn’t negotiate, just get it in my car NOW. Solid wood, great condition, amazing lines. I’ve seen this piece before I thought. 


Broyhill Brasilia Dresser - Directions Not Included

It didn’t take long to realize I had a piece from the Broyhill Brasilia collection in my possession. It came with the matching mirror too. Please sit down before I continue. Are you sitting? I paid $85 for this and the mirror. A little googling later I realized these babies are selling for more than $1000. I honestly was faint the rest of the afternoon. I was so giggly Ray thought I had lost my mind. Look at the details though!

Broyhill Brasilia Sideboard4 Broyhill Brasilia Sideboard2

I am ridiculously impatient for certain things so as soon as it was in our house, I was ready to set it up as soon as we walked in the door. The center area is perfect to store all of our electronic stuff.

Broyhill Brasilia Sideboard5

The piece is in amazing shape. I will need to give it a bit of love to restore the wood in the next few months, but for now these minor imperfections are really the only thing “wrong” with the whole thing.

Broyhill Brasilia Sideboard6

And here it is all set up with our TV.  Now this area is not quite done as you can tell by the unfinished floor (remember our litterbox?), random wine fridge and absolutely no style with anything else, but I know it will look great once it is all said and done.

Broyhill Brasilia Sideboard 1


Now I know there is no way  I will ever win the lottery. At least I have the sideboard I’m passing my thrifting good luck dust to whoever needs it this week. So have you seen the Broyhill Brasilia collection before? Do you like it?



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  1. Meredith says

    I can’t believe the deal you got! Ok, don’t want to brag but……I was at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore this week looking for a chandelier project and guess what I snatched up for $25? Yup! The same dresser/sideboard!! No mirror though. I wanted it for the same thing as you; a media table. My son picked it up for me, said it was so heavy. I too researched it and was so giddy. Hubby looked at me strange….he just doesn’t get it…$25! Can’t decide to sell it or keep it. Congrats to both of us!

    • says

      Are you kidding me?! That is AWESOME!! Keep it! It is such a beautiful piece. The thought of selling it crossed my mind considering the wonderful condition mine is in, but it is just perfect for my space. Keep it and enjoy it! Send pics when you decide where to put it :)

  2. Jamie Perez says

    I have pretty good luck at thrift stores and I was able to find a Broyhill Brasilia Hutch! It was in really good condition but mine looked like yours did at the bottom like the finished just completely had worn off. I did not have any luck with Howard’s restor a finish and that piece but I will promote that product because I absolutely love it and use it and a million other things! But I think it was just too drastic of color changes and it wasn’t working. So now I don’t know what to do because painting is normally what I do to Furniture but I will not put paint on this I know better than that LOL! It’s actually an awesome piece I just want to do it right and I wanted to look like it just came off the showroom floor! Wish me luck!

    • says

      Good luck!! Share pics when you do. I still haven’t touched the bottom of this to refinish it. Since I took this photo, a certain puppy of ours at the time used this as a chew toy. He and his father (read: my husband) are lucky it was on the corner of a drawer on the inside and not something outwardly visible. I’ll have to get that professionally restored at some point.

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