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diy inspirational quote notebooks | Directions Not Included

I am pretty techy (okay, I admit it, I am a geek) and always have my iPhone, iPad or laptop by my side. I manage my life with technology in every way and form. That said, I love paper, notebooks, and pens. I have had this conversation with friends before, so I know I’m not completely insane because I love office supplies. I have a thing for Moleskin notebooks (and really good pens). I usually have both in my purse at all times.  This is not a sponsored post – just the confessions of someone with a love for office supplies and the tactical inspiration they can provide. What better way to take advantage of a sale at my favorite store in honor of back-to-school than to couple it with a project. These DIY inspirational quote notebooks were made to make me smile when I pull them out of my bag and for random pick-me-up gifts.

These Moleskin notebooks were on sale and I had to stock up since the majority of mine were filled up. I may keep my life on-line via Wunderlist and Evernote, but I definitely love writing things down, crossing them out, and jotting down inspiration items on paper.

diy inspirational quote notebooks | Directions Not Include

Now, there is nothing wrong with a plain ol’ Moleskin, but I needed some extra motivation this week. A quick little search on my Words Pinterest board landed me with a few quotes I knew would be perfect for this project. I quickly got to work using my Silhouette, but Annie demanded some attention in the meantime. My craft desk is her sunning spot so if I want to craft in the afternoon, I have to use one hand for crafting and one for petting her. #spoiled

diy inspirational quote notebooks | Directions Not Included

I measured out the notebooks and laid out the quotes using my Silhouette design software. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but I used a silver vinyl with a hint of shimmer to liven up the notebook.


diy inspirational quote notebooks | Directions Not Included

These are the two mini notebooks after the vinyl quotes were applied.They are the perfect size to fit into a shirt pocket or the back pocket of your jeans. You have no excuse to always have a DIY inspirational quote notebook with you at all times.

diy inspirational quote notebooks | Directions Not Included

Since I bought two sizes of notebooks, I used the larger ones for the longer quotes. Obviously. A little J.K. Rowling thrown in with “Anything’s possible, if you’ve got enough nerve.” Enjoy it my Harry Potter friends ;)

diy inspirational quote notebooks | Directions Not Included

And this one was so timely and pulls at my heart strings. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that  I’m a huge Robin Williams fan and his death hit me harder than I expected. This is by far one of my favorite quotes. We all have a bit of madness in us. We need to embrace it!

diy inspirational quote notebooks | Directions Not Included

Nothing like a 10 minute project that ends up being completely inspirational for yourself or for anyone you gift these too.

What is your favorite inspirational quote? Please share!


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