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Harry Potter Baby Gifts | A gift box from Directions Not Included

It was no surprise that when the bestie had her first, our love of Harry Potter would turn into tons of Harry Potter baby gifts. At her baby shower, I shared my Harry Potter box of goodies. I may have gone a bit overboard. And if you’ve been around the last few months you’ve seen a few of these projects pop up on the blog. We have a feeling the little one will have a better grasp on Harry Potter before his own name. What can I say? I’m a proud Tia (Auntie)! Between that and loving to make all sorts of crafts, it was really easy to get a bit crazy :)

Harry Potter Baby Gifts | A gift box from Directions Not Included

I made a bunch of of Harry Potter onesies using my favorite freezer paper stencil tutorial a few months ago.  Not too long ago I got the hang of heat transfer vinyl. I am in LOVE with heat transfer vinyl. I didn’t think it was possible, but I honestly think my freezer paper stencils might be few and far between now on. The vinyl comes out so crisp and clean so I re-made a few of the original onesies with this technique. I love the heat transfer because the bleeding is non-existent, and you can get more intricate with the designs.

Harry Potter Baby Gifts | A gift box from Directions Not Included

Apparently, Maggie wants to be part of the photo shoot. It is appropriate since she knows how to “play dead” and I taught her “avada kedavra” for all you Harry Potter fans out there ;) I am well aware that she looks like a street dog. My dear husband loves to leave her looking ratty and unkept. She is clean and well-taken care of, but Ray does not let me cut her hair. She might not be kid-friendly but loves baby clothes! Especially Harry Potter onesies it seems!

Harry Potter Baby Gifts | A gift box from Directions Not Included

For Christmas this year, Ray gave me the hardcover book set of Harry Potter. I was so excited when it arrived in this awesome box. I already knew the bestie was pregnant at this point so I stored the box away knowing it would be used for something baby related.

Harry Potter Baby Gifts | A gift box from Directions Not IncludedHarry_Potter_Baby_Gifts 4

And this is the epic box of Harry Potter baby gifts. It includes the Harry Potter nursery art, Harry Potter light switch, and Harry Potter onesies. I will gladly admit that just a handful of years ago I thought the bestie was INSANE and that Harry Potter was not anything to love. I’m glad that she brought me into the loop and my love of all things Harry Potter has grown. Now we get to share it with her new little one.

Harry Potter Baby Gifts | A gift box from Directions Not Included


Please tell me there are other Harry Potter fans out there or at least, crazy aunties who spoil their future nephews? ;)


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  1. Shannon says

    First of all, there is no such thing as “overboard” when it comes to Harry Potter!!!!!
    And I adore all of baby’s HP goodies, especially knowing its only the beginning:)
    Glad you’re part of my insane obsession now, hehe!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! This post came at the perfect time for me! I know a wonderful couple who have been trying to adopt for the longest time. They are all set and the birth mother is expecting and past the 3 month mark! They have lovingly planned a Harry Potter – Themed Nursery. I love how this is all packed in the cute little Harry Potter trunk! Can you share how you created the onesies? Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  3. Melanie Adams says

    I adore these! My sister is pregnant so I’m going to be the crazy auntie! And she just told me she wants a HP themed shower :) yay!!!

    I see that you do DIY stuff and that’s great but I’m not interested in making my own onesies. Do you make them to sell? And if not would you be willing to? I wasn’t able to find an email address to contact you at but I’d love to chat about this.

    Thanks, Melanie

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