weekend plans – more exposed beam ceiling work

Anyone have good weekend plans? We are have a fun-filled weekend slowly working on the exposed beam ceiling in our family room. I’m going to be honest here, this is one those projects that I know will be worth every minute when it is done but for the time being, it sucks. Really, really sucks. So time consuming and brutal on the back and neck.

We’ve made progress though. Insulation, drywall and vents are in. All the drywall is perfectly primed and painted. As if that wasn’t enough fun, we need to put trim up, clean the beams and re-stain them to match our dark hardwoods. It may take a few weeks to finish up but here is where we are.

A far cry from this, no?

Or even this a few weeks ago :)

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Happy weekend! Hope you have a relaxing one or productive one, depending on what you are looking for. 


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    That is going to look great when it’s done but I understand the process of getting there is horrible! I’m hoping to paint my nightstands a fun color this weekend.

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    Not a single project in this weekends forecast. I’m leaving the cold of Denver for a weekend in Tampa! In fact I’m sitting in the airport right now. Good luck with all those beams! Too bad there isn’t some sort of neck brace that supports your head whilst looking up. I guess they figure you can just load up on some Advil. :)

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    Ooooh I hate doing ceilings, it is a killer on the neck and back! We are doing my sons room this weekend, insulating the walls, building a cupboard and fixing the floor… Maybe too much for a weekend:)


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