the list that probably won’t happen – 2013 house goals


Besides getting my blog back in order, we’ve declared 2013 the year of tackling more projects. 2012 was pretty quiet on the renovation front for us. Between my new job and Ray’s pottery business, we’ve been pretty darn busy. Enough excuses though. This year, we need to tackle some pretty big goals to get us farther along on this reno. Some may be repeats from our 2012 goals that we never got to ;)


Our driveway has seen better days. It is just your basic asphalt circular driveway and likely won’t be upgraded too much but it needs help. I’m tired of wading through the puddles when it rains. And more importantly I’m done ruining my cute heels! We are looking at concrete driveways at the moment though anything can change between now and when we actually get to this.


Besides Ray’s crazy expensive oak trees, we did nothing to our landscaping last year. Nothing. Our yard is pitiful and I know our neighbors are begging us to get to work soon. I’d like more privacy and color throughout the front and backyard. And no more dry patchy areas of dirt.


Yeah, those things we started last December but only did some visible areas? We should probably finish those because it is past the point of embarrassing.


Such a sexy, purchase. I know you want one of these beauties taking up space in your yard. We need it. Desperately.

Source: Suncrest Sheds

Need I remind you what our master bedroom looks like? There will be no movement on our master bedroom renovation until all this junk (I mean, Ray’s stuff) is out of here.

Master bedroom

This room needs a huge amount of work before we can move in but unless I win the lotto, it ain’t happening. In the meantime, the one project I want done is to close off the master from the family room. There used to be double doors there but the entrance to the room is on the other side now and there is no need for this hole. I hate having to explain this randomness every time someone new comes over. Or the “Why isn’t this closed yet?” questions…or maybe those are just in my head ;)

Family room 

This room has come a long way but still needs a bit of work until I can cross it off the list.

There was a hideous built in bookcase in that hole in the wall that Ray ripped out our first few weeks here. It is still unfinished. Considering that in our first home, he did the same thing and it took about 6 years (I’m not exaggerating either) to close, I should be thankful we are ahead of the game. We just need to patch that up and get it ready for a painting or other artwork.

The ceiling. We did a ton of work on the exposed beam ceiling last year but stalled on the finishing touches. It still needs to be stained completely and the finished edge needs to be added. It is painful work. Try standing on a ladder all day doing that. No fun at all but it has to get done.

And the flooring. We finally need to make a decision and get new flooring. If you are new around these parts, you may not have seen the litterbox we filled in right before we moved in – a huge dirt pile and fountain in the corner of our family room that you can kinda see it in the picture below. Because of that hole and the condition of the existing tile we need get a new floor in here stat. We haven’t decided what kind yet since the room is large but we need to get on this soon.

These are pretty lofty goals but unless we want to lose another year in our renovation they are things that we need to tackle this year. I think we can do it. Who wants to hold us accountable?


What’s on your list for this year? Any fun weekend plans? I’m a bridesmaid this weekend so it is wedding fun all weekend long :)

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    Those look like some pretty fantastic goals! I think I may have gone overboard on my goals as well-here’s hoping that both of us get everything we want done :)

    Newlyweds on a Budget

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