changes on the horizon – rethinking the floor plan


Ever make it halfway through the insanity of renovation and then decide you want to change things up a bit? That is where I am right now. We bought the house in late 2010 and moved in 2011. I'm thankful we have taken a LONG time to finish this renovation. We haven't even started with an addition, but I'm already ready to swap things around. Here is our current floor plan for reference. Please remember we live in the room called extra since our master is not even close to being finished. We … [Read more...]

a very delayed reveal – our diy ikea kitchen


When I look back at the blog, I'm quite embarrassed that it has taken us this long to reveal the kitchen. We've been in this house for 2 years this month. By blog standards, our kitchen is nothing spectacular so it really isn't an earth-shattering reveal. We have a pretty small kitchen and given the layout of our house it wasn't in the cards to change that. We went with a DIY IKEA kitchen for our renovation. Overall, we love what we were able to do on a budget and with limited space. In case … [Read more...]

year 2 – 2012 house renovation plans

2012 marks the beginning of our second year in this house. Some days it feels like we have been here forever, other days I still can't believe we moved. We have made a lot of progress in the past year but there is hopefully a lot more to come in 2012. At least I really hope so. While I love the renovating, I am looking forward to a bit of a rest for the big projects. I'm going to do my best to get a good photo tour of the house in the current state done in the next few weeks. Let's hope for some … [Read more...]

weekend plans: tackling the to do list

Happy Friday! What is on the schedule this weekend? Last minute Christmas shopping?We are saying goodbye to the handful of random projects pending around the house and crossing them off the list. I can't wait!Additional pavers that are just hanging around will be added to our patio.Baseboards! Yay for baseboards! We are least measuring and painting them this weekend. Install will likely happy next week. Swapping out any old switches that still remain. Framing around the front door and the master … [Read more...]

holiday decor – the truth about what it looks like

This will be our first year celebrating Christmas in this house. We closed on the 21st of December last year and were in full on demolition mode by Christmas day last year. That meant there was no decor here or in our old place. I had grand plans of being all decked out for the holidays by now. I started off on the right foot with some glittery centerpieces and a clean house. But now we are in a time crunch with the holidays quickly approaching. Seriously? How fast is this month going?! I've … [Read more...]

another brick in the wall – painted brick

Back in September I won the Wagner Power Painter Plus from Wagner and My Repurposed Life. I shared the project reveal over there a few weeks ago but I wanted to share with you here in case you didn't make the trip over to Gail's to check it out. Our family room is covered in slump brick, a thin and uneven brick with deep grooves which makes painting it a tedious task. Since we bought this fixer upper in December of last year we have lived with the dingy painted brick that is sprinkled with … [Read more...]