weekend plans: tackling the to do list

Happy Friday! What is on the schedule this weekend? Last minute Christmas shopping?

We are saying goodbye to the handful of random projects pending around the house and crossing them off the list. I can’t wait!

Additional pavers that are just hanging around will be added to our patio.

Baseboards! Yay for baseboards! We are least measuring and painting them this weekend. Install will likely happy next week. 

Swapping out any old switches that still remain. 

Framing around the front door and the master bedroom door. No more blue tape haunting me every time I leave the house. 

Next week the reinforcements come in to help with the big things. My sister and her boyfriend have been recruited. Our good friend Sean, who helped us the first six weeks of insanity in this house, will also be here. Sean is great. Not only because he is always a major but because we entertain ourselves all day long making fun of Ray. Sean always sides with me and we love to rip out things or tackle stuff Ray is hesitant about when Ray is distracted. Did I mention that Sean was one of Ray’s groomsmen? Sean is a smart man though and loves to be my partner in crime around here. ;) 

Happy weekend everyone! 

Thanks for following Directions Not Included!

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  1. Jody says

    Wow, you have a lot to tackle this weekend. Finishing up those random loose ends is so satisfying–just reading that post makes me feel happy. Good luck with it all!

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