changes – directions not included before and afters

Family Room - Directions Not Included

I was messing around with my blog design and realized I have been really bad at updating the pages on this site. Guess I'll take some time this weekend for some blog clean up! I'm working on a new house tour page, but in the meantime, I thought it would good to give a quick run through of the latest before and afters since this is a DIY blog after all. For all you new followers who have yet to see our "beautiful" before shots, this might come at a surprise - this house was pretty damn ugly. And … [Read more...]

changes on the horizon – rethinking the floor plan


Ever make it halfway through the insanity of renovation and then decide you want to change things up a bit? That is where I am right now. We bought the house in late 2010 and moved in 2011. I'm thankful we have taken a LONG time to finish this renovation. We haven't even started with an addition, but I'm already ready to swap things around. Here is our current floor plan for reference. Please remember we live in the room called extra since our master is not even close to being finished. We … [Read more...]

before and afters – a mini-tour 18 months into renovations

Happy Monday! I'm in route to Denver for the week so posting will be light. We had too much fun this weekend so we didn't get much work done. Those are good weekends though, and we definitely needed it! 18 months into this renovation, I finally decided it would be a good idea to start taking our after photos. The weather was crappy the weekend I decided to do this so I have to take new ones for some rooms so for now here is what we have. The craft room renovation you all know well. Our … [Read more...]

visting from gardners 2 bergers today!

Happy Monday everyone! We are in route home from Disney so as you can imagine it was a great weekend. I have the day off too which makes it an even better Monday! I'll share the details about our trip this week once I get the pictures off the camera. Right now my main priority is getting home to the mutts who we miss dearly. I'm over visting Becca at From Gardners to Bergers sharing my craft room. Yes, I know you have seen it quite a few times already but don't go over to see me. Go check out … [Read more...]

hoarders keeping order – how to organize paint with a lazy susan

It is no secret that I love my craft supplies. As my collection starts to grow, some things get a bit hard to sort through. I caught myself buying paints I already had because I couldn't see all my colors. I had my stash thrown into one of the cubbies in my craft room, which was just not the most organized way.Enter the lazy susan. I bought two of these at Target for under $6 bucks. Filled them up with my paints and now they are easier to sort through when I give them a spin.I have to give … [Read more...]

gallery wall – not the inspirational kind

I love my craft room, I really do. Is it perfect? No, come on, I'm a real person. It looks pretty in pictures but there is cat hair on things and an overall mess on more days than I want to admit. There is a wall in the craft room I rarely show. The intention was for it to be a gallery wall of all inspirational images and things. Right now it is not is looking okay but not what I really wanted. I'm not thrilled about the placement. It needs some fine tuning and in places where there … [Read more...]