hoarders keeping order – how to organize paint with a lazy susan

It is no secret that I love my craft supplies. As my collection starts to grow, some things get a bit hard to sort through. I caught myself buying paints I already had because I couldn't see all my colors. I had my stash thrown into one of the cubbies in my craft room, which was just not the most organized way.Enter the lazy susan. I bought two of these at Target for under $6 bucks. Filled them up with my paints and now they are easier to sort through when I give them a spin.I have to give … [Read more...]

crafty present – how to make anna smile

It doesn't take much to get me to smile. Especially, when it involves craft goodies. I had a nice day with two of my cousins yesterday for an IKEA trip and lunch date. J wanted to thank me for something I helped her with so she decided that a gift bag of crafty presents was the most appropriate way. Do you see that stash? The craft hoarder in me had to try and regain my composure while looking through the gift bag. I am so excited to try everything out! Ray on the other hand, looked at glitter … [Read more...]

crafting with pets

Do you know those days when you come home from work and you just need to completely disconnect? I'm sure if you are a parent, you might have that feeling after putting the kids to bed some days? Whatever the case, last night was one of those nights. I just need to get myself all wrapped up in some crafts and forget about the day...or week or month. The mutts (the collective name of all 5 of our creatures) had a different idea.Trying to work on my desk gets me this "Touch those canvas things … [Read more...]

cyber monday – pick your plum

During your Black Friday shopping did you get yourself anything? How about something for the crafters in your life? If you haven't crossed everyone off your list or you need to reward yourself just because, then you need to check out this Cyber Monday sale at Pick Your Plum. Starting at 6 am MST, there are going to be 9 products available at one time at amazing prices. The 9 products they are going to have are among the fastest selling products they've ever had. To sweeten the deal - there will … [Read more...]

craft room design – revealing my favorite place

I revealed my craft room/office when it was about 90% complete back in March. It was one of the first rooms we tried to finish so I would have my dedicated space for crafting, studying and working from home. I’ve been making tweaks to it since but I finally have our most recent updates to share. I spent a lot of time thinking of what my craft room design would be, but ultimately, I wanted an airy space with a bright color and a combination of light and dark furniture. It is playful but … [Read more...]

privacy please – simple fabric curtain

I've been on a sewing kick lately and trying to be productive. My craft room closet is pretty organized but there is no way to close it to cover up the crafting stash when we have company over. I ripped out the door when we moved in because I hated the door and wanted easy access to the space. More importantly, I share my craft closet with the kitties - their litter boxes are hidden in there since it is out of the way. While we have "pretty" Booda Dome litter boxes they are not really design … [Read more...]