craft room design – revealing my favorite place

I revealed my craft room/office when it was about 90% complete back in March. It was one of the first rooms we tried to finish so I would have my dedicated space for crafting, studying and working from home. I’ve been making tweaks to it since but I finally have our most recent updates to share. I spent a lot of time thinking of what my craft room design would be, but ultimately, I wanted an airy space with a bright color and a combination of light and dark furniture. It is playful but … [Read more...]

privacy please – simple fabric curtain

I've been on a sewing kick lately and trying to be productive. My craft room closet is pretty organized but there is no way to close it to cover up the crafting stash when we have company over. I ripped out the door when we moved in because I hated the door and wanted easy access to the space. More importantly, I share my craft closet with the kitties - their litter boxes are hidden in there since it is out of the way. While we have "pretty" Booda Dome litter boxes they are not really design … [Read more...]

good day sunshine – yellow pillowcases

We are slowly making our way through the second phase of our renovation. Since I know it will take forever, I'm taking advantage and crossing little decorating projects off of the list to make it feel like we are accomplishing something.  Our family room gets amazing natural light thanks to full glass pane french doors and huge windows facing the West. It's our favorite room in the house even though it still currently looks pretty ragged. There is a huge list of major renovation projects to be … [Read more...]

feeling domesticated

When she was alive my maternal grandmother used to tell me I wasn't marriage material. I didn't know how to cook and I didn't sew. She was sure no man wanted me. I rebelled against that for many years because...well, I'm the workaholic business-type not the sewing and cooking type. The thing is in reality I am both. I have the big corporate job for a global company and I'm working on my MBA but I am a pretty damn good cook and just learned how to sew. Maybe I am more domesticated than I thought … [Read more...]