hoarders keeping order – how to organize paint with a lazy susan

It is no secret that I love my craft supplies. As my collection starts to grow, some things get a bit hard to sort through. I caught myself buying paints I already had because I couldn't see all my colors. I had my stash thrown into one of the cubbies in my craft room, which was just not the most organized way.Enter the lazy susan. I bought two of these at Target for under $6 bucks. Filled them up with my paints and now they are easier to sort through when I give them a spin.I have to give … [Read more...]

2011 wrap up – most popular posts

I'm loving all these year-end wrap ups I'm seeing so I decided to join in on the fun. Yes, I am following a trend but it is a fun trend! Granted, my stats are nothing crazy but it is still nice to see which posts were the most commented on or viewed. It has been an amazing first year of blogging. This is just a hobby for me and I went into it just to keep my close friends and family up to speed on our renovation. It is nice to share the ideas and inspiration with others who enjoy it and don't … [Read more...]

stencil time – martha stewart stencils

A few months back, a bunch of bloggers were receiving a stash of the new Martha Stewart craft paint and stencil collection. I will admit, I was insanely jealous. A ton of free paint, stencils and tools to try out. Are you serious? Why can't I be a big blog and get those?Instead, I relied on my trusty coupons from Michaels and ended up with my own little stash. Okay, so it wasn't free and didn't show up on my doorstep without ordering but I'm fine with that. Alright, alright, maybe I do want free … [Read more...]

the making of a craft room – hollow door desk

After I revealed my craft room a few weeks ago, I had a lot of questions on the furniture and organization. I'm going to share a few of the things I did to help anyone looking to make their own space. We did the room on the cheap. IKEA and Home Depot were my friends during the process. Customizing a room or space for your office or craft room does not need to be expensive.  When I first started the room my desk was much shorter and there was a lot of unused space in the room. I love a lot of … [Read more...]

craft room design – revealing my favorite place

I revealed my craft room/office when it was about 90% complete back in March. It was one of the first rooms we tried to finish so I would have my dedicated space for crafting, studying and working from home. I’ve been making tweaks to it since but I finally have our most recent updates to share. I spent a lot of time thinking of what my craft room design would be, but ultimately, I wanted an airy space with a bright color and a combination of light and dark furniture. It is playful but … [Read more...]

a little celebration – paper bunting tutorial

I love bunting. It makes it feel like a little celebration is happening wherever it is. ViaViaViaIt is so simple to make these banners with paper so I thought I would add a little celebration to my craft room. I'm in the middle of finishing an update to my entire craft room, which I'll share as soon as I'm done organizing it. In the meantime, here is a simple bunting tutorial to try.Pick your selection of coordinating papers and make yourself a template with cardstock. Since I was just making a … [Read more...]