before and afters – a mini-tour 18 months into renovations

Happy Monday! I'm in route to Denver for the week so posting will be light. We had too much fun this weekend so we didn't get much work done. Those are good weekends though, and we definitely needed it! 18 months into this renovation, I finally decided it would be a good idea to start taking our after photos. The weather was crappy the weekend I decided to do this so I have to take new ones for some rooms so for now here is what we have. The craft room renovation you all know well. Our … [Read more...]

death of a succulent

I should have known it wouldn't last. I killed a succulent. Aren't they supposed to be hearty little plants? The cute succulent garden I had growing in in the living room is no longer a lively  addition to our space.Instead, I'm faced with this pathetic sight. Rest in peace little plant. I'm sorry I failed you.I still think my track record is improving. Two out of three isn't so bad! They lasted about four months too. That has to be some sort of least for me.I may get "the look" … [Read more...]

before and after – living room reveal

I have another reveal! Two reveals in a row, it must be a good week! But before I jump into the reveal, I'm begging for some good vibes. We have our final inspection today for the central AC unit we had installed in the back of our house for the family room and master bedroom. We really need to pass so if you have any good thoughts to spare, I'll gladly take them. I promise to give them back.Our living room has been pretty close to being done for some time now, but for some reason I have never … [Read more...]

shopping list – home decor

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have to say, mine was pretty productive. I wish I had photos to share but last night was my office holiday party and I was too lazy after indulging in all that food and wine to get anything done besides laying on the couch cuddling with my mutts.I did get some shopping in to help finish off a few rooms. I am so grateful that most of this was done with Amex Rewards gift cards. Such a nice little perk that I'm thankful to have. Two of these gray … [Read more...]

lay of the land – our floor plan

I don't know about you but every time I look at the houses of bloggers if a floor plan is not available I'm always trying to figure out how the rooms are laid out. It must be the genes I get from my architect father, but I always want to know which rooms are connected to which. It really helps gauge the style of the house and flow of the design. My father might kill me for posting this horrendous floor plan but I don't have the energy to sit down and try make a perfect one. This one may be off a … [Read more...]

old to new – midcentury cabinet

I'm loving my "new" piece of furniture!During my sanity break a couple of weeks ago, I picked up this little mid-century modern wine cabinet at a thrift store. The formica was beat up everywhere and it needed help but it was only $18 so I brought it home. I got the look from the hubby who thought I was insane when he unloaded it from the car. He said it was "interesting" and it was going to be a good piece for me to "practice" on. He walked away and I may or may not have stuck my tongue out at … [Read more...]