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I have another reveal! Two reveals in a row, it must be a good week! But before I jump into the reveal, I’m begging for some good vibes. We have our final inspection today for the central AC unit we had installed in the back of our house for the family room and master bedroom. We really need to pass so if you have any good thoughts to spare, I’ll gladly take them. I promise to give them back.

Our living room has been pretty close to being done for some time now, but for some reason I have never gotten around to taking photos of what it looks like. 
This is what we started with on closing day and after a few weeks of renovations. You are loving those curtains and that sparkly mirror right when you walk in, right? How about the termite devoured floors?
By the time we moved in almost a year ago, we had a much more respectable space but still no where near being a complete room. Bookcases to be assembled, no real furniture – if you are renovating or remember your last move, you know the drill. 
And here it is. I guess you would call it a formal living room but it sure isn’t formal. It is the first room when you walk into our house so we have it full of our art and ceramics collections. Check out the floor plan here if you want to get yourself oriented. This is from the corner of the room by the front door looking into the dining room. Those Eames chairs are probably my favorite pieces in the whole house. They were my splurge and I don’t regret them one bit. 
The bookcases, coffee table, little side table and rug are from CB2. Gotta love Amex rewards points and gift cards you can get with them :)
This is the view towards the hallway that leads to three of the bedrooms. The photo on the left is of my beautiful boy, Dylan. Yes, I am noticing it is crooked right now too ;) See we have a lot of pottery on those shelves but there is very little that is my hubby’s. The long sculptures you see hanging around are all his though.
Here is the view from the hallway towards the front of the house. Couch is another CB2 score with Amex points, the corner table is one we made for our old house (I’ll give a close up soon since we have two), the midcentury cabinet I refinished and my succulent garden, which is still alive by the way ;)
So what do you think? I think it is a nice mix of old, new, refinished and original. It might not work for everyone but for now, it is a great representation of us. 
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