before and afters – a mini-tour 18 months into renovations

Happy Monday! I’m in route to Denver for the week so posting will be light. We had too much fun this weekend so we didn’t get much work done. Those are good weekends though, and we definitely needed it!
18 months into this renovation, I finally decided it would be a good idea to start taking our after photos. The weather was crappy the weekend I decided to do this so I have to take new ones for some rooms so for now here is what we have.
The craft room renovation you all know well.

Our guestroom which more often than not looks like a photography studio.

Our living room which has undergone one of the biggest transformations. It still needs a few tweaks but I’m happy with the direction.

Our good old pirate bathroom. How crazy that part of me misses that wallpaper…just a tiny bit but I do.

The exterior of our home went from dark to light too.

There are quite a few rooms that need major reveals and those will be coming soon. I think I’m still shocked that we’ve come this far.

Any good fun this weekend?
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