changes on the horizon – rethinking the floor plan


Ever make it halfway through the insanity of renovation and then decide you want to change things up a bit? That is where I am right now. We bought the house in late 2010 and moved in 2011. I'm thankful we have taken a LONG time to finish this renovation. We haven't even started with an addition, but I'm already ready to swap things around. Here is our current floor plan for reference. Please remember we live in the room called extra since our master is not even close to being finished. We … [Read more...]

guestroom, er, photography studio

Did you know guestrooms make good photography studios? Neither did I, until I came home to this. Men. The hubby decided to take over our guestroom, which normally looks more like the picture below to take photos of his artwork in there. Multi-tasking room, I guess. I just hope no one was planning to stay with us anytime soon!I have a few projects I am working on for this room including a mirror for our guests to use, refinishing a bookcase that can't be seen in the photo and finishing up the … [Read more...]

time for a little tour – house tour

I've been traveling quite a bit the last few weeks for work so I haven't had any time for house projects. I thought it would be a good time to do a little tour to show you what we started with. I hope to follow up in the next post with some during shots of the major work we did the first month in. Most of these might have come from the actual listing and our first walk through. What can't be captured in these photos is the overwhelming filth (dirt, dust and overall grime) that caked every … [Read more...]

be our guest – guestroom reveal

We've never had a proper guest room since our last house only had two bedrooms. Our guests used to be crammed in a tiny room with a full bed, large desk, dresser, bookcase and cat furniture all jammed in one room. Doesn't exactly sound inviting, does it? With our new space, I set out to remedy the situation since we are expecting guests at the end of April. My dear friend Patti's husband, Bill, is coming to visit. Our first official guest in the new house.This is what we started with. Original … [Read more...]

we’ve moved!

I'm sorry it took so long but I have pictures for your patience! So obviously the house is still completely upside down and I can't believe I'm actually posting these for the world to see.  You know what though? All of us who have moved know what your house/apartment looks like for the first few weeks after a move so I'm embracing the mess. Please note, I'm OCD in my cleaning tendencies so this is a huge step for me! Most everything you see in the photos is not in the place it will eventually … [Read more...]