painted exterior brick – from dark to light

A more appropriate title for this post would be “Painted exterior brick – Finally revealing after 6 months”. 6 months to finally take pictures and write a post – can we say slacker?! We painted the entire exterior of our home back in December as we prepped for a huge baby shower and I finally get around to showing you guys. Last time I checked, it was June. I have plenty of excuses but let’s just pretend that time is going by at lightening speed. Great, I’m glad you are on the same page.

We started with a dark red brick, dingy white walls and doors. Lovely curb appeal. I know a ton of people think painted brick is blasphemy but we live in Florida…South Florida. Brick is just completely out of place so we went for it. After a ton of work we have progressed to crisp white bricks, turquoise door and gray walls. This is our front porch. Does it look like we live in Florida yet?

I will tell you one thing if you decide to paint brink, say no to the brush. Learn the lesson we painfully learned when we tried to paint the brick in our family room in July. You need a paint sprayer to paint brick.

The porch shots above don’t actually show what we did in terms of the dingy white walls. We went gray. It looks more like a blue gray in these pictures but in reality it is a darker platinum gray. Love the hurricane shutters on the windows? Lots of changes coming to this side of the house too. Check back next week for those changes.

I can’t wait until we have real landscaping. How crazy does this house look? Friday’s post will  show where we are heading in terms of plants. Little by little.

How shocked are you? Two posts in a week! I’m almost back to my regular schedule. In all honesty, I am so happy to be back.

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  1. says

    it looks SO good!!! love the door color best! and wow, how is it already june? lightning fast time warp!
    we painted the brick facade on our last house with a brush. it was a pain, but it was only one side, so not horrendous…. when it comes time to do this house we may spray though! i have to wait til we need a new roof though. :) then it will all get redone similar colors to yours!

  2. says

    I love the painted brick! It looks amazing….and the door is such an awesome color! Wonderful to meet you at Haven! You are so genuine and authentic!


  3. says

    Love it! It’s gorgeous and I am sooo impressed that you did it yourself. Kudos! I just had my brick house painted and I could barely handle painting on the one-sqare-foot samples.


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